A Primp and Pamper at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool.

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Its Friday everone whoo hooo.Well, How are you all? I’m getting very busy now so i am writing at break neck speed to keep my blog up to date. As promised though, here’s part two and the final part of my visit to the new opening of  Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool. This time i am going to be talking about my treatment and my purchases from MAC and NARS, although i plan to return for more.

Threading with Precision

I have been wanting to get my eyebrows threaded for a while now. I first saw it being done in Superdrug in Liverpool One and thought then it was time to have a go. One reason why i never wanted it done there though is because, it was a chair in the middle of the shop floor for every shopper to walk past and observe you. I’m more of a private person who does not like too much of a physical audience. Blink Brow Bar in BB has its own station on the second floor next to the Electric Hair Studio and Champagne Nail Bar. So it is in a more appropriate setting with many other people being pampered.

What is Threading?

For those who may not know what threading is. It is an ancient technique from India and the Middle East where a cotton thread is doubled over and used to pluck out facial hairs. Hair does not grow back any thicker with this technique. It is great for shaping eyebrows with absolute precision and is ideal for sensitive skin.

One of the reasons why i wanted threading was because i have a scar on one of my eyebrows which makes both my eyebrows grow slightly different. This results in my eyebrows looking slightly out of sync. I usually pluck them because waxing has been linked with causing hooded eyes, no thanks!! The problem with plucking them is i can never get precise shaping, which annoys me.

When i  visited Blink Brow Bar, i asked the lady to even mine up and she did them so spot on. I have to go back in a month so she can get them even more perfect but i thought she did a fab job first time.  Picture right is the after shot.

Does it hurt? Funny thing was it never hurt at all on my right eyebrow but did slightly on my left one. Odd i know! It  wasn’t bad or unbearable and the results were worth it. She also massaged a mint cream into my brows when finished to reduce the initial redness and gave me a mini face massage to finish. All that for £17.00, i am impressed. You also get your sixth visit free.

My next stop was the Beauty MART on the same floor. I bought a bar of Pears soap for my mum. A bit of a family joke.





I then headed to the counter i was so looking forward to visiting, because it’s the first one in Liverpool. NARS are fast becoming my makeup brand of choice. On offer are great products at reasonable prices. Every product i have bought so far has just delivered with great pigmentation and no chalkiness.  The packaging is quite nifty and great for the handbag but you have to look on the back to see what it is. This can be a slight problem if you own a lot of NARS makeup but that’s only a minor glitch.

The staff were great at NARS. Very helpful and willing to explain every product and i asked a lot of questions. I am proud to say that i was NARS first ever customer in Liverpool. I purchased two cult classic’s. A sheer lipstick, Dolce Vita and Bronzer in Laguna. I now know why these products are cult classics.

You’ve probably read many reviews about both of these items but i am going to add mine to the mix as well.

Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick 3.4gm/£17.50 described as a dusty pink, is a warm rosy pink that is great for day wear. Feels very moisturising on the lip, great for winter and offers a generous amount for the price.It is also a very universal colour with a bit of staying power, for a sheer lipstick. You can buy a matte lip stick pencil and blusher in Dolce Vita if you like to coordinate.  Think i will be buying a few more of these.






The Bronzer in Laguna  8gm/£25.00, is just outstanding. It does look darker in the pan however;  it applies with a very sheer finish in fact, it doesn’t look anything special in the pan and i almost didn’t purchase it. I’m So glad i did!  I have an nc20 skin tone,( pale) and Laguna gives me a gorgeous healthy glow. I think this is more like a tan enhancer rather than a classic bronzer for me but still, its worth every single penny and i will be using it everyday from now on. If you wanted a more bronzed look or have a medium/darker skin tone, then Casino is the shade for you. The shimmer is what makes it so special as it leaves the skin with a lovely finish and can double up as a blusher. I applied it on my cheekbones and then applied a touch of pink blusher.Above left is swatch without flash and right is flash.

My final purchase was from MAC Glamour Daze Collection. The Kohl Powder Eye Pencil in Raven. A pencil which gives a smokey duo chrome finish. Loved this one. Its a copper brown and MAC pencils are very good quality. Its a product MAC do get right.





It was so refreshing to see MAC staff with smiles on their faces and willing to help!!!

I would also like to address a question some people have asked me about Harvey Nichols BB . They feel slightly intimidated about going into the store without getting dressed up. Well one thing that stood out to me about BB was that none of the staff were stand offish or giving you the once over at all, which has happened to me in certain other stores. They were very friendly and helpful, so please don’t feel self conscious about going in as there’s none of that rubbish going on at all.








There you have it. If you want to read part 1 then press here. This explains all the services at BB on offer and the grand opening.

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Just a little side note here. Now is a great time to visit Liverpool as well. Some great free shows going on in Liverpool one and an ice slide in Chavasse Park for both kids and the bigger kids!!

There are also a number of art installations dotted around which are interesting and thought provoking and it is just a fantastic city of course. Any questions or comments always welcome and have a fab weekend everyone. Take care 😉


  1. November 21, 2012 / 9:37 pm

    Yes NARS is new to me but its great to discover makeup that is great for the price range. I love Chanel but it can get quite pricey, so NARS is a great alternative. I like MAC too but i find it difficult to sometimes find products in MAC that i really go WOW! NARS i always go WOW!

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