Soleil Tan de Chanel, Illuminating Highlighting Fluid………………Capturing That Sunkissed Look!

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? Chanel will be releasing their summer collection at the end of this month and i noticed that they are relaunching two Soleil Tan de Chanel products as part of the collection. One is the famous cream bronzer for all over the face and body and the other is, the illuminating highlighting fluid in shade Sunkissed.

Chanel sheer illuminating fluid

I don’t own the cream bronzer because i have so many others and i will have to wait until they are close to finishing before i purchase this, which could be in two more years or so. I do; however, own the Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid in the shade Sunkissed so, no better time to review it.

A couple of years ago, i was looking for a highlighter which could be applied to my then, tanned face. Most of my highlighters i owned were very pale and did not suit my skin during the summer months. I never knew that Chanel did one because i hadn’t seen it before and i can’t remember if this was part of a collection or not.

Chanel Soleil Tan

I tried it at the counter and thought it had a unique colour to it. It’s a bronze shimmer with a rose gold metallic effect. I probably am not explaining it well but simply put,  it’s unique.

Before applying it, you need to shake the bottle up and then take your finger over the top and touch the product slightly, (a tiny amount is all that’s needed)  then apply it with your fingers to the top of your cheekbone blending out. Its sets into place, does not budge or wear off at all and gives a glorious shimmer.

Chanel Illuminating Fluid Sunkissed Swatch

If you have medium, olive or tanned skin, this is going to look amazing on you. It doesn’t show up so well on pale skin but still gives a healthy glow.Soleil Tan De Chanel Fluid Sunkissed Swatch

I wouldn’t recommend that you wear this as a blusher unless you have totally flawless skin; however, as well as the cheekbones, you can apply it down the bridge of the nose, top of the lips bow and inner corners of the eyes as well as under the brow arch. A tiny amount can be added to your foundation for extra illumination. One bottle is going to last you many years and is possibly the only bronzing highlighter your ever going to need.

Hope you liked the post and i will catch up with you all very soon, take care.   😉

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