13 of The Best ………..From 2013.

Hi Everyone,

How was 2013 for you? I had a very good year. Starting with finding a job i actually like doing and then being given a permanent full time contract, (very rare with this company). I spent the past half of the year getting myself fit and healthy again through exercise and eating in moderation and its now paying off with great health benefits.

I have also made a few lovely new friends through work and my blog and speaking of the blog, that is just going from strength to strength too, so thank you so much for all your support and please keep those comments and likes coming. I hope you all have a fantastic 2014.

I am making my favourites a yearly one and want to share with you my most used and adored products of 2013. I hope i don’t repeat myself too much but i do have some absolute staples that i will  never be without. Here goes.

Top 10 of favourites 2013

1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers.

Shu Uemura EL CurlersI know i have mentioned this before but they are an amazing set of curlers. I cannot do without them these days and i use them almost every single day. I bought these in 2012 and have not had to replace the rubber head on them yet. Fantastic value at £20.00. Quality is so worth paying out for when you get so much from them.

2. Guerlain Terra Ora Sculpting Powder Contrasting Highlighter.

Guerlain Terracotta Terra OraAlong with the Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer; which i mentioned last month, this is one beautiful highlighting powder. It just adds a wonderful golden illuminating sheen to the skin. I also use this pretty much on a daily basis since i purchased it in summer and its such a shame that it is limited edition but hopefully, Guerlain will bring out another amazing one next summer. There’s no caking or build up, comes in a beautiful wooden magnetized case with a large mirror.

3.NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

If you haven’t tried this out yet, then why are you waiting?!! It’s fantastic and i am still on the one i bought in 2012. even though i have also got a back up. I have slightly oily eyelids and always had problems with eyeshadows creasing within a couple of hours of wear. Not anymore! A tiny amount of this spread across the eye intensifies your eyeshadow colour and no creasing all day. A NARS classic and a must have.

4. Suqqu Liquid Eyebrow Pen, 01 Brown.

Again, worn everyday for the past 4 months and still using the first one and also have a back up. Just a wonderful pen with a fine tip. Gives great precision to shaping the brows with a natural finish. Even though i am a scouser, no scouse brows for me please, i’m a lady!!!

Suqqu Liquid Eyebrow Pen TipSuqqu Eyebrow pens(1)

The liquid soaks into the brow and sets in place; so, that it looks like it is your own brows rather than them looking drawn on which is where pencils fall down. Its just a shame that Selfridges is the only place it can be purchased in the UK. I suggest you buy two. Also available in Moss for darker eyebrows.

5. Dior Extase Mascara.Diorshow Extase

Lifts, curls and thickens my eyelashes like a dream. No smudging and just lasts forever with it’s generous 10gm of product. I love this one so much and have worn it more this year than any of my other favourite mascaras which are; Lancôme Definicils and Dior New Look.

6. Chanel Lip Defining Pencil, 34 Natural.

Great lip pencil that is ‘your lip’ colour and stays put. Can be worn with any shade of lipstick. If there’s one i have used the most throughout the year; and i own many shades, it’s this one.Chanel Lip Defining Pencil Natural Swatch With Flash

7. Dior Spectacular Shine and Shape Top Coat Gel.

Dior Gel Top CoatGives a great finish to the nail. Stops my nail polishes from chipping and has a super shine to it. Great product and i will repurchase. Full review here.

8. Chanel Les Beiges Kabuki Brush.

Have been using this to apply my bronzing powders since i purchased it in Spring. Love it and it’s so easy to wash too. Feels like a feather on the face, does not scratch the skin and blends colours out beautifully. I want another one!Chanel Les Beiges Pinceau Kabuki Retractable

9. Tigi Cat Walk Sleek Mystique Fast Fix Shine Spray.

This is great applied to damp hair. It just helps hair look lovely and sleek and smooth. Makes the hair feel super soft and healthy. I use it pretty much everyday.

10. Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush, 73 Star Dust.

Chanel Star Dust BlushSince i got this last Christmas, i have used it as a highlighting blusher along with my cream blusher, inspiration. They work well together. This blusher is very pale in colour and has a lot of pink, green and golden shimmer to it and it looks slightly frosty on the cheekbone. I absolutely love it and it is a shame that it was limited edition. I want it to last forever.

11. Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick, 91 Seduisante.Seduisante with Flash

Full review here. This lipstick formula from Chanel is my all time favourite and i have been wearing this shade constantly throughout the latter half of 2013. It’s just a lovely cool pink that can be worn on a daily basis and it goes well with the taupe and purple eyeshadows i favour.

12. Dior Mono Fusion Single Eyeshadow, 661 Météore.

Dior Fusion Mono Meteore Close UpDior Fusion Mono Meteore Swatch

Watch out for my full review coming soon. I only bought this one in the past couple of months but i am head over heels in love with it already. I think this sparkling coppery shade is absolutely stunning on my blue eyes and it doesn’t fade or crease in the lid either. Tons of product for the price too. Lovely!

13. Chanel Eau De Parfum, Chance. Chanel Eau de Parfum Chance

You knew this was coming. I can’t say i have ever owned a more beautiful, heady luxurious perfume ever. I had ran out of this last month and Santa brought me another bottle for Christmas this year. Lucky Me! It was in my 2012 ‘couldn’t live without products’ too and probably be a lifetime favourite. Amazing perfume.

Hope you enjoyed my 13 of the best for 2013. What are your’s? Have a great time over the New Year and i will see you all soon. 😉


  1. January 2, 2014 / 2:35 am

    Oh that Terra Ora!! I really need to make more use out of it, but right now i’m crazy over my crazy terracotta! LOL! Have a great year ahead, and enjoy more beautiful products!!!

    • January 2, 2014 / 5:22 pm

      Thanks Silverkis and i love your reviews, keep them coming please. I love Terra Ora. It’s currently half price in sales over here in UK. I urge every one one to buy it now haha. You have a lovely year too xx

  2. ann
    January 3, 2014 / 9:04 pm

    The nars eyebase is something nobody should be without. Its so good I’ve done full on sweaty workouts and my eyeshadow has survived intact,

    • January 3, 2014 / 9:18 pm

      Hi Ann,
      thanks for commenting. I know its sort of a miracle product really. I never wore eyeshadow years ago because it just used to crease after a couple of hours and look horrendous. Never had that problem ever with this and i now wear it for work and do an eight hour shift. NARS Holy Grail product in my opinion.

  3. ann
    January 5, 2014 / 6:08 pm

    I had the exact same problem. Until buying the Nars I was using a Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow but there’s no comparison – a true miracle product that really does work.

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