Dior Poison, Pure Poison and Poison Girl Review ……………What’s Your Poison?

Hi Everyone,
Time to review another beauty item about to be released. This time its Dior Poison Girl Perfume.
Poison is a very successful, classic and Iconic fragrance from Dior. Launched in 1985, it’s very heady with musk and spices and complex and a little goes a very long way. Not really for me; however, a distinctive, well loved perfume.
Dior Poison Perfume
It comprises of top notes of plum, wild berries, coriander and anise; middle notes of, jasmine, carnation, tuber rose, incense and vanilla and; base notes of, cinnamon, musk, sandalwood, cedar and amber. This is just a few of the ingredients in Poison.
In 2004, Dior launched Pure Poison which interested me a lot more.
Pure Poison has top notes of; orange, mandarin, bergamot and jasmine; middle notes of, orange blossom and gardenia and; base notes of, sandalwood, cedar and white amber.
Dior Pure Poison and Poison Girl
It is a sweeter, more citrus and less complex version of Poison.
I bought Pure Poison and still have it to this day (2005). It has never lost it’s beautiful heady, woody citrus scent and i still have about 6 goes left in the bottle.
Poison Girl.
This brings me to the long awaited version, marketed towards a youthful audience. The clue is in the title so no, i’m not being ageist. 🙂
It’s still in the exact same shaped bottle that the original comes in.
Poison Girl has top notes of; bitter orange; middle notes of damask rose and; base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean and almond.
I had been looking forward to trying this out. As mentioned, i am almost at the end of my Pure Poison. It would be nice to buy a new version.
Dior Poison Girl Perfume Sample
Initial Thoughts.
When i sprayed it on myself, i was expecting it to be sweeter in fragrance to the original; however, not quite as sweet as it actually is.
Vanilla is the first note i smell, followed by the orange with a hint of rose. Almond and sandalwood follow on from that. It also leaves a powder puff back note. After 15 minutes it left a very strong sweet smell of vanilla with a hint of rose.
It reminds me of Prada Candy with regards to sweetness!
Next test was longevity. I sprayed Pure Poison on one wrist and Poison Girl on the other. I went about my business and 3 hours later, Pure Poison was still present and doing well; whereas, Poison Girl was no where to be found. Not even a tiny whiff!
Final Thoughts.Dior Poison Girl Image
I am not impressed with this new version of Dior Poison perfume. It really lacks the depth that a number of well balanced ingredients produce and is quite sweet. In fairness, this is the current trend with fragrances.
I know perfume is a very personal thing which makes them very hard to review; however, i do own Lancôme La Vie Est Belle (considered to be quite a sweet fragrance also) and where this is quite sweet, having also tonka bean and vanilla as ingredients, it is also well balanced with plenty of floral and patchouli additions that gives the fragrance more depth by cutting through the vanilla, leaving it as a hint rather than the main note.
I do love Dior Pure Poison. This is a somewhat sweet, citrus and woody perfume with depth and although not as complex as Poison, it is still long wearing and attractively heady.
Poison Girl will appeal to people who like the sweeter, vanilla based summery fragrances which are light on fragrance and staying power; however, are on trend.
What are your thoughts on this new fragrance? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

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