New 'Toys'…………….New Mini 'Studio'.

Hi Everyone,
After 3+ years blogging, i have finally bought myself some brand new toys to help with my blog and my favourite hobby; Photography.
A couple of months ago, i bought a Toshiba laptop because all the soft ware on my old Sony was so out of date.
The New Toys
I am becoming heavily interested in photography itself and; will probably do another blog for my snaps alone, when i have become more accustomed to my new camera. I must be honest, at the moment, i’m more into photography than anything else.
The Old Camera.
My Trusty Old Sony Camera
I always used Canon cameras in the past and had no problem with them. They took great pictures and i have some amazing holiday snaps taken with a relatively cheap Canon. Then, along came digital cameras.
I bought a Sony Cybershot because it was very compact and lightweight. It took nice photos and this is the one i have used for over the past 10 years. It’s still going strong and for £124.00; it’s still fantastic.
The real major selling point with it is, it’s built in Carl Zeiss lens. Amazing!
My Old Sony Cybershot Camera
What i have noticed though is, it isn’t very good in low light and unfortunately, the UK has low light most of the year. It was time to upgrade.
It feels a little bit sad to be retiring my trusty little Cybershot; although with it’s Bokeh; ideal for close up on beauty products, i will probably still keep using it until i’m familiar with my new camera.
The New Camera.
Sony A6000 Camera
Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera.
I did an intense amount of research before i finally bought this camera. Sony have just released a newer version, (A6300) however, this is a little too advanced for me at the moment.
Whats great about it?
Great in low light. That was my first priority with a new camera.
Fastest focusing on any mirrorless camera with 179 focusing points. Brilliant for vids and just in general. Who wants to wait 10 seconds before you can take a snap?
24.3 mexapixels. Good, detailed and sharp shots.
A6000 Mirrorless camera
Interchangable Lenses. I don’t plan to do just blog photos with this camera. (The ‘nifty fifty’ is next on my list).
Electronic view finder. A must in direct sunlight.
Wireless and NFC.
Better quality snaps in low light. (I am a great believer that the equipment is only as good as the person who uses it but, my old camera did fail me in low light. I would never have changed it otherwise because, i took some pretty nice shots with it).
I can already see the difference in both the Cybershot camera pics, (taken with a6000) and; the a6000, (taken with Cybershot).
What’s not so great?
The only real negative about this camera is that it only has a tilting screen, which means no ‘selfies’ or viewing yourself recording vids. I don’t plan to be in front of the camera anytime soon so, this doesn’t bother me at all.
Expensive Lenses compared to Canon. I can only dream of buying Zeiss lenses for this camera although there are some very good Sony and Tamron ones out there. I will be starting with the very good kit lens that came with this camera.
New Laptop.
Sony Vaio Laptop ComputerNew Computer
My old Sony Vaio laptop, (in which, i’m writing this post on now) is still going strong and i keep it. It just had old programmes on it, sadly.
Sony A6000 Mirrorless CameraMy new laptop has a bigger screen and makes a great entertainment laptop with Skullcandy speakers as well as having the right hard wear for Photoshop; etc.
I also bought a clear white table and a LED lamp for photographing my beauty products on. A tripod is on the way thus, completing my mini ‘studio’.
Lets hope my new toys live up to the fantastic old ones. Take care and i will see you all soon  😉


  1. melinda bennett
    June 1, 2016 / 11:15 pm

    I really admire people who can understand camera’s! I find them confusing.

    • June 2, 2016 / 12:04 am

      oh believe me Melinda, i don’t either. I am going to enjoy trying to learn though 🙂

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