Chanel No 5 L’Eau………………The Newer, Cleaner, Fresher No 5.

Hi Everyone,
I was lucky enough to receive this wonderful perfume as a Christmas gift.
When it was first released, i read a review that wasn’t too favourable on this new fragrance; therefore, i was expecting to hate it.
A couple of other fragrances released last year (aimed at a younger market), lacked any real depth, longevity and were mostly candy-like sugary fragrances.
Was Chanel’s new offering going to be as disappointing?
Chanel have got it right this time.
Chanel No 5 Family.
No 5 had gotten a reputation over the years as a perfume for the older lady. Something younger women didn’t want to be associated with and it’s decline in sales began. Chanel released No 5 Eau Premiere as a result of this.
Meant to be a modern version of No 5 itself, It’s a lovely perfume that is very strong in Sandalwood and the difference is, they have removed 6 ingredients out of the original No 5 perfume.
At first; It was released in a 75ml version only and a very different designed bottle from no 5 Eau de Parfum. This was said to alienate the No 5 customer hence, why they have made a 50ml version that sits in the same bottle as the original perfume.
Chanel still had to come up with a perfume that would reach out to a new audience; while retaining their loyal No 5 followers. A perfume that could make an impact with a fresher and lighter edge to suit current market trends.
The answer came with No 5 L’Eau.
chanel-no-5-leau-xThe TV ad features Lily-Rose Depp and is targeted towards a more ‘youthful’ audience. It certainly ticks the box; however, If you are expecting candy canes and sugar, you will be disappointed. Thankfully, Chanel didn’t take that road.
The NEW No 5.
Where I believe, Eau Premiere lost a bit of that No 5 character, L’Eau keeps quite a bit of it. It is slightly sweeter, but not in a sugary way at all. In fact, it’s still full of elegance with a touch of familiar vibe.
Top Notes include; plenty of citrus fruits and aldehydes, bergamot and Neroli. The citrus keeps the aldehydes at bay a bit and allows the fresh clean scent to show through.
Middle notes include; Rose, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang. This gives a slightly floral after burst that sits alongside the citrus really well, once the aldeydes fade.
Base Notes include; Cedar, White Musk, Vanilla and Orris Root. The vanilla and musk really shows through at the end to give a lasting sweetness that works beautifully with the citrus fruit to avoid that sickly sweet overload.
L’Eau gives at least three hours wear on my skin.
Final Verdict.
I really do like the new Chanel No 5 L’Eau.
fluffy-and-chanel-no-5-leauChanel have succeeded in giving a lighter, cleaner and musky sweet version of the original No 5 perfume. It loses that powdery soapy scent of the original and the oppressive aldehydes have been given a bit of a back seat. I love that it keeps the complex nature of Chanel No 5, and yet, is an updated version.
It will keep the die hard fans keen for a new experience while, introducting a new market to the No 5 range, who want a lighter, cleaner edge to an iconic perfume.
Chanels best move yet.
Have you tried it yet? Take care and i will see you all soon.;-)


  1. melinda bennett
    January 15, 2017 / 7:16 am

    That is a lovely gift!!

    • January 15, 2017 / 10:57 am

      Yes, my mum bought it for me. She’s a legend. Thanks Melinda x

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