Dior Haul………….Addict Lacquer Stick, 570 L.A. Pink, Extase Mascara & Star Foundation.

Hi Everyone,
Recently, i bought one new and re-purchased two all time favourites from Dior. The two i re-purchased have been reviewed and spoken about many times on my blog, so i will just do a quick re-cap on them.

I will do a full review on the newly released Lacquer stick instead.
Dior Extase Lash Plumping Mascara.

Above left, eye without mascara and right; with one coat of Dior Extase. Below right; Dior Extase wand.  
I constantly re-purchase this one because full fat and long lashes are what i want and what it gives.
It’s never let me down yet and it never clumps up my lashes either. It’s a dream for me.
Dior are exceptionally generous with their mascaras and offer a full 10ml of product for the same price as other high end mascaras that only offer 6.5ml. They also take much longer than some to dry out in the tube.
It’s a fantastic mascara. I was about to add a link to the full review and i haven’t done one. I have mentioned it a lot in various other post so, here are the photos and they; hopefully, will speak for this mascara.
Dior Star Foundation.
When i first bought this foundation, it was in the middle of a quite hot and sticky summer. It melted off my face a bit therefore; i didn’t give it a favourable review. I had some of the sample left and used it in the cooler winter months and my opinion completely changed.

It is a beautiful light to medium coverage foundation that leaves a matte yet, luminous finish to the skin. Covers blemishes and redness fairly easily and can be built up. I only need to touch up once during an eight hour work day and it doesn’t have any strong fragrance either.
Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, 570 L.A. Pink.
I previously tried the four other shades of the samples provided. Reviewed here. They were all lovely and some worked better on my skin tone than others. As soon as i saw this one i was smitten.
The lipstick is packaged in a black case in typical Dior design with a neon pink stripe running down one side. No magnet closing on this one!!
I don’t buy into packaging and the great thing about Dior is, they don’t make a massive deal about it either hence; no ridiculous pricing for a great quality lipstick. They keep the packaging elegant and simple and yet; still striking.

The Dior SA offered to try out a few shades on me as well as this one. I also tried Dark Flower and Club.
Club is a beautiful brown/orange shade of red and would be great for evening wear because it is fairly dark on my lip. Dark Flower was a touch too deep for my skin tone; L.A. Pink just worked out lovely and even made my eyes look a touch bluer.

Far right above; left side is L.A.Pink and right; Escapade (Desert Rose). L.A. Pink is a touch rosier pink in shade and Escapade is moreof a beige tone.  
The lacquer lipstick.
I love this deeper dusky pink shade. It is quite warm and a touch similar to Chanel Mademoiselle and; Desert Rose (disc.), a warm nude pink.
Great for every day wear however, still packs a punch with its glossiness and pigmentation. I will be re-purchasing this one time and time again.
It wears for 6 hours and only loses some colour from the centre of the lips after eating and drinking. I seriously think you cannot go wrong with these new lacquer sticks. I prefer them to liquid lipsticks (which are messy) and yet; the lacquer stick still gives that shine like one when applied.
There you have it. My latest haul from Dior.
Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


  1. ladyjicky
    March 27, 2017 / 9:15 am

    The new Dior lipsticks are not here yet….. I am waiting for them! LOL

    • March 27, 2017 / 8:22 pm

      Now you will have an idea of what they are like 🙂

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