Dior and Chanel Lips & Nails…………………..Magenta Makes Me Feel Sassy!

Hi Everyone,
I had a little Birthday bash with some of the girls from work a few weeks ago and i needed to buy a couple of new items to go with my new dress. (Any excuse really)!
The dress is navy with a floral pattern that includes the colours of magenta and various shades of blue. I love it!

I decided to make everything magenta to add a contrast to the dress and blue shoes i also bought; my clutch included. My lip colour and nail polish has to be magenta too.
Dior Lacquer Stick Lipstick, 882 Sassy.
When i first saw this on the counter, i wasn’t overawed with the shade. I do love the formula of the Lacquer sticks. They are seriously creamy and super pigmented. A dream of a lipstick.

I already own L.A.Pink, which is a dusky pink mauve shade. I’ve worn it so much, i am nearly half way through the tube aready.

When the SA from Dior tried Sassy out on me, it made my blue eyes stand right out. It is a very wearable pink with both warmth and a touch of blueness to it as well. It is perfect for the clutch and nail colour i also bought.

The lacquer sticks do remain on the lips for many hours, so very little touch ups are required. I have other shades in mind for my next purchase and Club is a beautiful shade too.

Picture above left comparisons to Sassy; Dior Lacquer Stick 882 Sassy, a neutral toned magenta. Dior Addict 976 Be Dior, a warm pink fuchsia; Chanel Rouge Allure 93 Exaltée, a very cool toned fuchsia pink and finally; Chanel Rouge Allure Ink 150 Luxuriant is a warm berry pink shade.
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, 643 Désirio.

I believe this one is still made using the older formula and not the new gel one. The shade was the only one perfect to match both my clutch and lipstick choices so i went with it.
There’s not a lot i can say about this other than it is a typical Chanel nail polish. They always come in stunning and very unique shades and i don’t really care what anyone says, they are still the best in shade and application even though the older formula does chip a bit.
This is a gorgeous, opaque magenta with a good amount of shine to it.
It lasts much longer with the Dior Gel Coat on top too. I’m not worrying too much about it 😉

That’s all my recent purchases for now. 
Take care and i will see you all soon.  😉


  1. melinda bennett
    July 5, 2017 / 4:52 am

    Looking beautiful in the navy and bright pink! Oh dear….. another lippy in my collection I can see …. love that Sassy on you . I would be a bit scared with the blue in that pink lippie but its lovely on your lips. I have 2 Dior lacquers and soon to be 3 !!! They are soooo good! Oh that bag is so pretty … I could not pass it in the shops either.

    • July 5, 2017 / 8:27 am

      Thanks so much Melinda. It looked very scary at first on my lips but then, it went with the magenta in the dress, so it really worked.
      One of my best combo’s so far.
      Which two Dior Lacquer sticks do you own? I love Club. The SA tried it on me and it is going to be lovely for Autumn/Fall. I will buy it then and my mum also has underground, which is a lovely brownish nude ideal for lighter skin tones. I really love the creamy formula of them.
      Well Melinda, i am going to look at the new Chanel premiere eyeshadows today. Question is, can i walk away without buying at least two? Ohh we all know the answer to that one lol. Have a great week hun xxxx

  2. melinda bennett
    July 5, 2017 / 9:39 am

    The Dior ones I do have are the LA Pink and the Turn Me Dior. I have had a look at the single Chanel shadows … some have good pigment and some do not ….. I love “flesh” colours for the eyes and the one they had was sort of “lacking” … and for the price!!! A$52 . No. I must say … I do love my matte Inglot shadows (all skin coloured ) and I have “stone” in a single Burberry but that is super $$ here and hard to find. I have two 4 colours Chanel eyeshadow palettes – one with that matte red colour out last year…. sort of a regret – I got caught up in the hype and its hard to use really for me but the one I do love is 278 Codes Subtils…. I mix it up with my Inglot mattes. I do love my By Terry Techno Aura palette and the single YSL No 2 . I am older than you and my eyes are a little crepy so I use skin coloured eyeshadows the most with a nice eyeliner – pencil – by Urban Decay — they do not smudge and are smooth to use but ….. OMG – I do love my bright lippies since I let my hair go grey …. fabulous ! LOL

    • July 5, 2017 / 8:44 pm

      La pink is gorgeous. I have worn mine so much, it’s close to finishing now.I do like Turn me Dior too.
      Well i bought two Chanel single eyeshadow powder and one cream eyeshadow in undertone. Gorgeous! I bought Visone in the powder, its a matte brown. I want it for my socket and Gris Anthracite is a metallic grey. Thats like velvet when you swatch it.
      I never had a problem with the Chanel soft touch eyeshadows previously and the ones i own are still going strong. So excited to try my new ones. I have pics and video on Instagram of them.
      The cream eyeshadows are incredible but i had to stop at 3. I will buy more later on.
      I own code subtils, Tisse Gabrielle, Tisse Camelias and The Empriente du desert in the quads. They are all the new formulas and i love all of them.
      I love the Murano in the old formula, which are beautiful teals and pink. There is a similar palette coming out in the Fall collection which i may buy too.
      I don’t use Gabrielle so much because these are true smoky eye colours but the rest i do.
      My one regret is the awful 5 colour palette of browns Lisa Eldridge produced one Christmas for Chanel. They gave me dead eyes lol.
      I never bought into the one with the reds in because they would really only suit green or deep brown eyes. I have blue/grey eyes so its very hard to find colours that really compliment my eyes. I tend to look like i have swollen eyes with red and i look like i’ve been crying. Not a good look lol.
      I would love to try some by Terry products but the price point puts me off a bit.
      I have a few Dior quints that i love and they always bring the best quality nes out at Christmas.
      I do have tons of eyeshadows so, i only buy colours i don’t have in my collection these days and that isn’t many.
      Try out the paler cream eyeshadows by Chanel. They are stunning. Undertone is lovely and i will probably use this as a base colour for many of my looks.
      Take care and i will speak to you again soon xxxx

  3. melinda bennett
    July 6, 2017 / 11:34 pm

    I have not tried those cream ones… been a little scared of them since I bought a Bobbi Brown cream stick eyeshadow and it was shocking …. my lids stuck together!! LOL I have grey/blue eyes too!!! Yes … that red made me look strange … even if I just put a little on! Oh … that By Terry Techno is one of her “cheaper” eyeshadow palettes! They are fine … would I buy it again —— no! LOL

    • July 6, 2017 / 11:54 pm

      I heard Bobbibrown sticks are sticky. The Chanel ones are gorgeous and set down. They do not budge.
      Wore undertone today and it’s such a great Base shade as I thought. A lovely warm beige. I want the copper one. Great for blue eyes and very rich in pigment. Xx

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