5 of My Sunday Best……………. Dior, Ambre Solaire, Guerlain, Estee Lauder. Summer Skin Savers!

Hi Everyone,
Five on the sunday best table today are some great products i have been using in the hotter weeks. They serve their purpose very well and are worth the money. My ultimate summer savers.

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder, 012 Rose/Pink.
A beautiful, very finely milled pink powder that is great for completely mattifying the skin.
I use it on my t-zone and its great for in the summer to stop the foundation from wearing off so quickly. The nude air loose powder is also great at creating a barrier to stop harmful polutants sitting on the skin. Review here.

It’s also invisible on the skin too. Pictured below heavily swatched. 

Ambre Solaire Sensitive High Protection Face Mist Factor 50.
A great product that doesn’t affect the makeup on my face, if i want to top up my SPF. I wouldn’t use this completely by itself; however, i will use it as well as a cream or fluid based SPF as a base product. Ideal for on the go in the handbag.
Spray from a few inches away from face and it leaves no visible white marks. Very convenient for the handbag in the summer.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion radiant makeup Stick.
I keep this in work in my ‘work makeup bag’. It’s fantastic as a quick and easy top up down the t-zone when my foundation wears off during the day.

Very light weight; i don’t feel it on my skin and it dries down matte. I really love it and will re-purchase. Check out Review here.
The cushion stick is lovely and covers any redness or blemishes really effectively, as well as staying put once applied.
Guerlain Terracotta Four Seasons Bronzing Powder with pure gold, 01 Blondes.
Guerlain knock it out of the park with bronzing powders. They just get it so right.
I have used this for two years now and still haven’t hit pan yet. It offers a gorgeous, very natural finish without the orange tango effect. Great when your skin gets a hint of colour; it gives a very healthy sunkissed glow.

Very long wearing; a couple of swipes with a large fluffy brush is enough for the whole face; hence, why i have kept it for so long. No chunky shimmers or fakeness about the colour at all and it isn’t shimmery either. Pure gold standard in bronzers, throw the rest in the bin. Review here.
Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF30. (NEW)
Two years ago, i tried the original double wear foundation and absolutely hated it. It nestled into all my fine lines, which just deepened them and made them look more prominent and it was tight on my skin. Yuck! I was put off.
Two months ago, i tried the EL Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick foundation and fell in love. It is ideal for work and travel and leaves a lovely finish on the skin. See above!
Last week, the lovely SA on the EL counter gave me a sample of this latest double wear foundation and i have been wearing it everyday to test it out.

I AM IN LOVE! Not only does the SPF sell it to me, it is a beautiful light weight liquid that blends well into the skin and dries down to a healthy dewy finish. I do put powder down the centre point of my face and that’s it. No touch ups at all during the day because it simply doesn’t wear off.
It is very buildable, breathable and i found that only a few dabs on the skin was enough. I blended it out with a Real Techniques buffing brush and it didn’t rest in my lines. I would actually say that this foundation is great for mature skin like mine.
It gives a very smooth, light reflecting finish. Not ‘strobe-like’ but more healthy looking. Pictured left, shows the illuminating and smoothing effect on the back of my hand.
I only put one coat on; however that’s all i needed and i do have red, blotchy and blemished skin. I did put extra concealer on the spots but the foundation covered the rest without any issues.

Above left; I just have mascara and the foundation on the skin. Above right; My finished look.
I am always on the look out for new foundations to try and love my Chanel and Dior makeups. It’s just that. i go through so much foundation because i wear it every day, almost. It’s great to see what else is out there and yet, i can still remain loyal to my favourite brands because i use so much.
Thats it. What are your summer loves?  Take care and i will see you soon. 😉


  1. melinda bennett
    July 19, 2017 / 6:41 am

    Winter here so its very cold ! Love that Lauder cushion foundation – my colour is Pale Almond and I love their Perfectionist Foundation as well – in the same colour so…. I am really hoping this new one comes here … looks lovely on you and I must try it! My Winter loves are four … yes 4 … new lipsticks! Dior Rouge Dior 663 Desir and 775 Darling. I have a collection of these so I know they are great. The other two lippies are new to me – Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RS306 and RS347 … lovely colours and so moist on the lips. I think I will be checking out more of that range. I am a lipstick and foundation addict!! LOL Oh … before I go … the Lauder “The Illuminatior Radiant Perfecting Primer is lovely … gives a bit of shine to a matte foundation. Mmm … I seem to be collecting a lot of Lauder and Dior products at the moment. Enjoy your summer heat 🙂

  2. July 19, 2017 / 9:01 am

    Thanks Melinda. I remember living in Melbourne in winter and it was like our Autumn. Saying that, we haven’t had a really bad winter in a number of years now.
    I am a lipstickoholic. They can transform your face from plain Jane to Marilyn Monroe in an instant, with minimum effort.
    I am hooked big time on this new foundation. Hate the original but the new one feels like you don’t have a foundation on at all and gives great coverage. I think they should have put a dropper into the bottle though, because it’s quite runny. Love it so much. Have a great weekend xxx .

  3. melinda bennett
    July 19, 2017 / 10:28 pm

    Oh my …. my winter is like a UK autumn time!!! I should not complain again! LOL I have dry skin so the Lauder original Double Wear was not for me but Double Wear Light is fine and now I hope this new one comes out …. so far I have not seen it here but we get everything late 🙁 Yes , you are so right – lipstick is instant glamour !! When I go on YouTube I see we are not alone with our lipstick addiction….. but I must confess I do love the “lux” brands the best and I will not waste my $ on a cheap one … I would rather wait and save for a good one . Maybe I am snobbish but it gives me joy pulling it out of my lippie container and putting that colour on and the cases are just so beautiful .
    Very cold today … 12c with hail but I that is “balmy” for you 🙂 – only joking – you know how Aussie’s are . Enjoy that heat!!!!

    • July 19, 2017 / 11:35 pm

      I hate cheap lipsticks
      💄 they are a total waste of money and you”really so right, the lovely packaging is everything.
      12c lol. That’s our Spring. Must admit it, I did acclimatise to Aussie weather when I lived there. Miss them long hot summers so much and glorious beaches with hardly anyone on some of them. Australia will always be my second home. 😎😘

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