Dior Haul…………………..The Metallics Autumn/Fall Makeup Collection 2017.

Hi Everyone,
Oh! I do love the Dior Fall collections. They never fail to impress and i struggled with this one because i literally did want most of it.
Alas! Dior don’t send me products to review so, i will have to limit to what i can afford.

The ones i didn’t buy and are worth looking at are; all the nail polishes. They are gorgeous and Dior nail polishes are long lasting. The brow gel looks fab but i have just bought the Chanel version and will wait for this to be used up before i go for the Dior one and; the double ended cream blush/highlighter, which should be great for travel and are quite pigmented.
What i bought.
5 Coleurs and Effects Eyeshadow Palette, 677 Hypnotize.

The one thing i do love besides the new creamier formula in these eyeshadows is, the different texures within all 5 shades. This makes them great for creating a multitude of different looks.

These are matte, satin, metallic, shimmer and transparent glitter. Swatches above from left to right show the metalizer in Platine Fusion featured below.
Left is the metallic silver/lilac pinkish colour. A very unusual shade. Next to that is the pale beige gold glitter. This will be great for a topper over other eyeshadows. After that is the deep golden/copper brown colour; a satin finish and deeply pigmented. Then comes the first of the two deeper brown shades. This one has golden glitter in it and is almost black in colour; It has quite a cool tone and will make a great eyeliner. Finally; the second of the two deeper colours is a warm dark brown matte. Very velvety smooth in texture and will make the ideal socket shade.
All the eyeshadows are pigmented and very easy to blend out. I think this is the best formula yet from Dior although, all the palettes i own are great and i have never had any problem with them.
Metalizer Eyes & Lip Creme Shadow, 528 Platine Fusion. 

These are lovely and very metallic. Very much like the Dior fluid eyeshadows i own as well, from a previous Metallic collection. They set down fast and stay put and all the shades are very useable.
The reason i bought Platine Fusion is because it is the most universal shade. It could also be used over lipstick or on the top of lip bow as a highlighter as well as a highlighter for the cheekbones. Very versatile and it’s a lovely metallic beige colour.
I think i could use this with any eye colour i own. They are a real winner because you can squeeze a tiny amount out onto the back of the hand or straight onto a brush and apply. They do set very quickly.
Rouge Dior Couture Lipstick, 996 Eccentric
What a beautiful lipstick. It is a taupe/brown with a rose undertone. Very unusual and i thought i didn’t own any lipsticks that even comes close to this. Hmm! I do in fact.

My Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 45 Caractére is very close although, i love the creamy formula of the Dior Rouge Couture lipsticks that bit more and they are very long wearing too.

This is my favourite lipstick in the whole collection for Fall/Autumn wear. It is quite a dark shade on my lip but i do love to mix things up with my makeup looks.
Below, i swatched other colours that were similar to this shade.
Left is great copper, which is a more golden brown tone. Next to that is Rouge Dior 996 Eccentric. Following on from that is Chanel 33 Fabulous; which is a nude brown colour and doesn’t have that subtle rose tone. As mentioned above; Caractére is almost identical but just a tad deeper in brown tone. Ambigue loses the rose undertone but has a mauve shade instead. (This is one of my favourite Autumn shades of all time). Next to that is Silhouette by Chanel; this one is a lovely warm nude tone and finally; Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Escapade, is a lovely nude pink that is ‘your lips but better’, which lacks the brown tone to really compare to Eccentric.

As per usual, i want more. I will probably buy more too but for now, these are my favourites from the whole collection. Have you seen and tried any yet?
P.S It’s National Lipstick today. No better time to review a lovely new lipstick.
Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


  1. melinda bennett
    August 1, 2017 / 3:11 am

    I do love those Dior Rouge lipsticks … yes – so creamy. In fact , I think they are better than the Chanel lipsticks – and you know I love those Coco rouge Chanel ones but the Dior takes No.spot in my makeup collection. Your new Dior lippie is so pretty on you!
    The metallic eye shadow is beautiful …. I do not think these are out here yet.

    • August 1, 2017 / 7:14 pm

      I have done a FOTD post which i mayi publish on Sunday and i have used the new Quint eyeshadows. They are seriously the nicest eyeshadows i have used in a long time.
      Silky and creamy, no fall out at all (Dior can have some in my older palettes). The new High Fidelity are spot on, beautiful and highly pigmented.
      I haven’t stopped wearing them all week.
      I have to have a good play with the metallic ones. They set down very quickly and again, great pigmetn and for Dior, they inexpensive. £17.00. That is seriously cheap in UK.I have the metallic fluid eyeshadows that i also love so much too. Yes, lipstick is super creamy and lovely to wear. I do love Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks too. Rouge coco are a touch dryer on the lips but incredibly long wearing.
      Thanks for commenting and you have a lot to get excited about with this new collection. Apparently our Dior SA, says that the whole collection has been very popular and younger ones love the double ended blush/highlighter.

    • August 2, 2017 / 9:34 am

      I think the new formula. High Fidelity is exceptionally good. I have always loved Dior Quints anyway because, as you say, they are very versatile but the added textures have really stepped them up a notch.
      They have no fall out anymore either. thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment. X

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