Talking About A Revolution…………………….The New Chanel Mascara!

HI Everyone,
I had to buy it. Of course i did. The new Chanel mascara. Le Volume Révolution de Chanel.

It is the first 3D printed mascara brush head. Wow!
This is what Chanel had to say about it:
” With a patented 3D printed brush, Le Volume Révolution de Chanel revolutionizes mascara. Featuring micro-resevoirs, the unique material of the brush provides the optimal amount of formula, for immediate, extreme volume. and a long wearing, intense black result. Lashes are perfectly coated in a single stroke.” 
It has taken 6 years for Chanel to develop. Is it a revolution then?

Looking For That Perfect Mascara.
Every woman who wears makeup knows that mascara is a ‘Holy Grail’ product in her makeup arsenal. It is the one item that if applied correctly, transforms the way we look.
Saying that, finding the right mascara for our very individual unique eyelashes, is another story.
I say this a lot because, I have long, curled and abundant lashes however, I struggle finding a mascara that doesn’t destroy the finished look of my lashes. There are many that do.

In the past, i have spend a fortune on mascara’s that were supposed to give great lashes that didn’t clump. Nope. A huge amount of mascaras do and those that don’t often don’t do a thing, except colour the lashes. I have had fibres fall into my eyes and allergic reactions to some.
When a new mascara is released therefore, i am quite wary because it is a non-refundable investment (in the UK).
I do have some staples/ fail-safes i go back to time and time again. They are listed below.
My Favourite Mascara’s. 
Le Volume de Chanel.
Diorshow mascara.
Lancôme Definicils.
Dior New Look Mascara.
Dior Pump N’ Volume.
All these work wonders on my eyelashes for various reasons.
Le Volume Révolution de Chanel Mascara.
I have wore it all last week and i can now say what i think of it.

I do really like the brush. Tightly packed bristles in various lengths. I’m not too sure what 3D printing can do for a brush. Keep on reading!
Being a Product Developer myself, i’m not so sold on the 6 years in development. Products can take a long time to get right because there are so many variables to consider. It doesn’t mean the end result is amazing.
The brush holds on to the product without excess mascara being left on the brush. This results in no clumping.
It is a very nice mascara at lifting separating lashes on first coat. I didn’t like the result on second coat so much.
The mascara started to clump a bit on the second coat and i had to use a brush to separate the lashes. A bit faffy and took some time to do.

Above difference in brush heads of some of my favourite mascaras. Left to right. Le Volume de Chanel; Révolution de Chanel; Dior Pump N’ Volume; Diorshow Mascara.   
Another observation was the smell of the mascara. It had quite a chemical scent to it. A lot like cheaper high street mascaras can have. When i got a bit in my eye, my eye stung. I had to wipe it immediately. A huge disappointment from Chanel i think. Le Volume de Chanel doesn’t have this scent at all.

Above Left; Révolution de Chanel one coat. Right; two coats.
The mascara didn’t flake off at any point during the day and held well the whole time. (LeVolume de Chanel did flake a bit). No smudging at all. A big plus for me because i work in a very warm environment and this is a big deal. I hate having panda eyes.
I didn’t think my lashes were lengthened dramatically. Yes, they were lengthened but Dior Pump N’ Volume mascara gives a bit more of a dramatic look for me. It did give a lovely natural look to my lashes though.

Comparisons in some of my favourite mascaras. Left; Diorshow Mascara, one coat. Right; Dior Pump N’ Volume mascara over the diorshow mascara as a second coat.
My Final Thoughts
A good lifting and separating mascara which gives a nice length to eye lashes with one coat.
It does clump slightly on second application.
No flaking or smudging. Does have a strong chemical odour that can be very irritating if you get any in the eyes.
I could imagine it would be a good all rounder for most people but be careful if you have very sensitive eyes.
Is this going to become a favourite? I think it will fit in very nicely with my other favourites above. I will probably use this as a first coat only though.
I will see how long it lasts before drying out before i make a decision to re-purchase or not. I will keep you posted.
The 3D printed brush is revolutionary at giving lovely lashes within one coat.
Have you tried out this revolutionary mascara? Have fun and i will see you all soon. 😉


  1. ladyjickyB
    June 24, 2018 / 11:32 pm

    I think the 6 years was thinking about that packaging …. its very classy but I like the Dior plume N Volume on you the best. My fav mascara is the It Cosmetics Superhero but …. darn Sephora is Always out of it!!! If I ever see it in store I buy a few but …. Sephora here is shocking – they do not stock their stores and its frustrating – sure you can go online but I like to see what I am plonking down my $$ on first . Well – that is a rant! LOL Sorry .
    I will pass on the Chanel but I am going to get that Dior Plump N Volume 🙂

    • June 24, 2018 / 11:43 pm

      I do like the Pump N Volume but the black one i bought dried out in no time. I bought this purple one and its lasting well. Love it. I will probably go back to buying the black one though. I was so angry with Dior for disc. Extase because that was amazing and had a full 10ml product.
      I believe the 6 years was about getting the brush right also but i don’t think its necessarily brilliant. Its nice though. In all honesty i prefer Le Volume de Chanel. That makes my eyelashes gorgeous.
      We will probably never get Sephora over here because we have Boots, which is our version.

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