Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick Haul………….Mature Can Do Semi-Matte.

Hi Everyone,

I promised myself, no more lipsticks! Is there a shade i don’t have?!! It seems so and; there is a new formula.

Ultra Rouge, Ultra Pigmented Hydra Lipstick. Weightless 12H Wear Semi-Matte.

Matte! Not exactly the buzz word for a maturing woman like myself. It conjures up dry and ageing skin however; Dior introducing a semi-matte to their extensive lipstick line, I was intrigued.

Admittedly, the packaging was what caught my eye initially. Bright Red and shiny!

My skin is ever maturing so; when i look for makeup, my whole focus is on; will it age me further? Will it dry my skin out? Enhance lines; etc. This is the way i buy now. I generally look for words such as illumination, satin, sheen and gloss but rarely matte.

Luckily, the high end brands focus their research/products on their target sales demographic, which is the 40+ woman.

Can this lipstick look good on me?

Initial Thoughts On Ultra Rouge Lipsticks

The product is 3.2gm in weight. The packaging is a lovely red shade; slightly bulky for the lipstick size itself.

The lipstick is super soft in feel and velvet in texture, with a good amount of slip. (Think Dior Lacquer Stick but firmer). That was a nice surprise.

The lipstick applies effortlessly with no drag at all. One coat is all that is required because, its very pigmented.

The colour range is quite extensive and will suit every occasion. Including a black and a white one too!!!

I took the safer option, with every day wear in mind.

587 Ultra Appeal

This is a mauve pink. Quite universal for every day. Goes on like a dusky pink at first and dries down a touch darker.

Is a lovely colour for the Fall/Winter with its cool tone. I am just about getting away with wearing it for work because its just a touch darker than an ideal nude.

My eye was initially drawn to this one because it isn’t too bright and is a great colour for light/medium skin tones. It doesn’t wash me out either.

The only other lipstick i have to compare this shade with is, the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, 570 L.A Pink, which i love. This is slightly pinker and a touch warmer in tone.

485 Ultra Lust

This one is a touch brighter pink. A good one for Fall/Spring. Ideal for pale/cooler skin tones.

It could still be classed as a dusky salmon pink. Great for people with pale lips to give the true colour. It has a warm tone.

A very similar shade is, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, 79 Saga. This is slightly brighter.

There were no other shades in my collection i could compare this to.

Above left to right swatches; Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 70 Saga; Dior Ultra Rouge 485 Ultra Lust; Dior Addict Laquer Stick 570 L.A. Pink; Dior Ultra Rouge 587 Ultra Appeal.

What I Loved

The matte lipsticks i have owned are very long wearing; however, they do dry down after 4-5 hours wear and can start to dry out the moisture from my lips, making them look smaller and more heavily lined.

This semi-matte didn’t dry down completely therefore; it didn’t dry out my lips either. The lip does remain slightly tacky.

The wear time is probably the whole day. In fact, i noticed it stayed on throughout my lunch and afternoon break in work. I did touch up slightly but that was in the centre of the lip.

The colour remained opaque and it didn’t enhance my lines any further.

The semi-matte is not flat either. It still remains slightly 3D! looking. This is a modern moisturising matte. I love this new finish. It gives the best of both worlds in that, it gives great pigment and no lifeless dull lip and yet, wears for a long time like a matte

What I Didn’t Love

As usual, with high end makeup there are no real negatives. The research that’s done is always spot on; therefore, I am nit picking here.

Because the lipstick itself is very emollient; when it’s applied, it can end up on the inner case of the lipstick tube itself (see left). A bit of a pet hate of mine. Its only slightly around the edge but still, i have had to clean it off every time.

Even though its a semi-matte, it can still smudge slightly because it doesn’t completely dry down like a true matte lipstick.

Dior could have slimmed down the packaging to match the lipstick. It is bulky.

Overall Verdict

I Iiked the first one i bought so much, i went back for another. Great pigment. Great shade range. Lovely slip and very long wearing; 12 hours, i’m not sure because i would never wear a lipstick for that length of time.

Love the semi-matte, moisturising formula and most importantly, doesnt dry out the lip.

Will remain slightly sticky and is relatively comfortable on the lips.

Pictured right, me wearing 587 Ultra Appeal and above right 485 Ultra Lust.

Have you bought the Dior UltraRouge lipstick yet? Let me know your thoughts.

Take care and I will see you all soon. 😉




  1. ladyjickyB
    October 13, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    I am so tempted to get that Ultra Appeal ! Its hard to get a dusty rose that is a “everyday colour”….. I see so many dark purples and browns lately.

    • mirifiquebeauty
      October 13, 2018 / 3:37 pm

      It’s gorgeous 😍 💕 💞 👌
      Really flattering everyday colour. I have to be careful in work because I’m not supposed to wear makeup. Yeah right!! 😆

    October 13, 2018 / 10:10 pm

    Now ….. that is unfair work standards! LOL

    • mirifiquebeauty
      October 13, 2018 / 10:45 pm

      i know lol.

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