5 of My Sunday Best……………..Winter Lipsticks In The Buff!

Hi Everyone,

Who doesn’t love lipstick? A lipstick can transform how you look and feel. The beauty brands know this and that’s why they release new and seasonal formulas every year. A real money spinner!

Think about it! High end lip products retail currently for £28-£31 and; how many do we own? Lets be honest now! I think at last count, i owned 70. Ahhhh!!!! I buy them all the time and i’ve bought more since.

I have lacquers, glosses, matte, semi mattes, liquid inks, liquid powder, high shine, high pigment, intense, balms and so on. I’m a lipoholic!

I wear many variations of nude lipsticks and thought it would be great to share with you my current winter favs. Whittling them down was an issue but i managed it in the end.

Dior Rouge Dior Midnight Wish Jewel Lipstick, 434 Promenade.

I probably have other similar shades but i do love this so much. In fact, I love all 4 colours in the Dior Midnight Wish Holiday 2018 collection. They are beautifuI.The star printed, jeweled packaging makes it quite collectable and is a nice touch for the holidays.

Creamy and intense in colour, this is very comfortable to wear. It has very good staying power and doesn’t dry out the lip at any time.

The colour is a nude rosy brown with golden shimmer. Warm toned. Ideal for day and work wear and is the reason why i opted for this shade. I really miss wearing more intense colours for work; however, the right nude shade can also be very flattering and this is quite universal. It great for winter.

Chanel Rouge Velvet Extrême Intense Matte Lip Colour, 118 Éternal.

When Chanel released the matte lip collection, i wasn’t going to bother with the extreme version. (I do really like the velvet matte lipsticks instead), but i fell in love with this colour and this formula is really nice.

I thought it would be drying. It isn’t. Great intense pigment and staying power. My full review is here so i won’t dwell too much.

The reason why i picked this shade is because, i can wear it for work and it is quite protecting for the cold weather with its slightly waxy slip tthe lips.

I would describe it as a rosy, mauve pink. Cool in tone; simply gorgeous and very universal.

The matte casing is a nice touch and i have always loved the Rouge Allure click top packaging, (which many others are now copying).

Dior Ultra Rouge Ultra Pigmented Hydra Lipstick, 587 Ultra Appeal.

I know! Another Dior lipstick! What can i say? They are amazing.

I was hooked in by the red packaging. The lipsticks in this line are described as semi-matte. They do wear fairly  comfortably on the lips and are super pigmented.

It is a dark rosewood colour and cool in tone. Darker on the lips than i expected but no less beautiful. Very nice with a glowy foundation and strong highlighter. Full review here.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. 94 Confident.

A ‘your lips but better’ shade. High shine with plenty of balm and slip. Gorgeous and perfect for winter time. I had to include this one because it’s an effortless shade. No mirror required.

Lovely purply/brown shade. (Looks brown in tube). Anyone can wear this and will still look great with or without any makeup on.

I have always loved Chanel Rouge Coco Shines. They are compact and make a great addition to the handbag.

Everyone needs to own at least one of these beauties. Perfect for protecting and conditioning the lips with great colour.

Above left to right; Dior Midnight Wish; Chanel Extreme Velvet; Dior Ultra Rouge; Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and; Guerlain La Petite Robe Rouge lipsticks. The lighting is LED which does not give true colours but still gives the various tones between the lipsticks.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Rouge Lipstick, 001 My first Lipstick.

I love the ‘taste’ of this lipstick. Its sweet. It has a lovely mild fragrance to it.

The lipstick itself is full of pink and silver micro shimmers. A pale candy, translucent pink. Makes an ideal topper or can be worn as a lip balm itself. I really love this one. Very comfortable on the lip and very moisturising.

The packaging is not my favourite from Guerlain, but that’s not an issue because the lipstick itself is lovely.

Above left Guerlain 001 My First Lipstick in ambient lighting and right; in direct sunlight.

I can’t understand why i don’t buy more Guerlain lipsticks because, they are gorgeous.

Thats it for my choice of winter nudes. What are your favourite winter nude colours?

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉





    November 19, 2018 / 3:16 am

    Well …. don’t I feel better! LOL
    No …. honestly I do not …… I have 35 lipsticks ….. there was MORE but I have a daughter in her 40’s and anything I feel too dark or too warm … she gets them … I had a lot more . Yes a confession .
    I only like lippies in the case …. I do not like glosses etc.
    So I have “old lady cases” which I ADORE.
    I want to get your Chanel Rouge Velvet 118 and the Rouge Dior in the red case 587 . Sadly those Dior Midnight Wish are not here ! Perhaps later???
    Those Chanel Coco Shines are gone here too sadly.
    I went to the city last week and I got the new and only one red case lipstick in No.5.
    I like it but I do not love it … I bet I will LOVE it in the autumn.
    As you know, its going into summer here and it looks too matte but I do not regret it Mandy !
    Just wrong season but I am ready for the cold next year!!! Its a lovely colour.

    So …. I see you showed 3 that you liked. These are mine —

    Dior Rouge 858 Royale is number 1….. the old formula…. what a red ! Nuh – did not release this but its my Number 1 and I will use it up and enjoy it.

    YSL Rouge Pur Couture 09 is number 2 …. its a mauve wine but light …. would look good on you Mandy…. I find most colours in this range too BRIGHT for me but this one I like… nice.
    I have let my hair go grey so you can see I like the “blue” side of colours now …. my daughter has all the ones that are “warm” and I still buy things that are sort of warm… habit I guess.

    Number 3 is Chanel Coco 442 Dimitri – what a lovely pinky cherry red it is and I love the Coco formula.

    Something different is my most disappointed lipstick- not the ones I passed on to my daughter….. its the new formula Shiseido Colourgel lip ….. OMG the old Rouge Rouge lipsticks were So much better ( I have 3 of them ) .Of course they have discontinued them! I can do the “kiss of death” on anything great! LOL

    I know you cannot wear makeup at your work but I looked through my lippies and these are the sort I think you could wear. Have a look when you have time on your side 🙂
    Dior Rouge 663 Desir
    Lancome Matte Poeme 290 … its moist too.
    Chanel allure Velvet 34 La Raffinee … a nice pinky “nude”
    Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Colour in Rosebud …. its a weak pink but there are warm nudes too in this line. Like a lip gloss in a bullet… my sort of lip gloss. LOL

    Last … Bobbi Brown Lip colour in Sandwash Pink …. this is the colour Kate , Duchess of Cambridge wears a lot .

    Sorry its long but …. I cannot help it when it comes to lipstick !!! LOL

    Hope I find you well 🙂

    • mirifiquebeauty
      November 19, 2018 / 11:17 am

      Thanks so much for your reply. I know can you believe how easily they build up.
      Wonder why the Midnight Wish collection is not there yet? I guess they ship everything. How annoying. Do you live in a big City?
      In theory, i always like the look of mattes until i put them on my lips and they then feel drying and i always think my lips look a little older when i wear them.
      I own La Raffinee and its my most favourite matte lipstick. Its nearly finished, sadly.
      Did Chanel discontinue the Coco Shines in Australia then?
      I have always wanted to try out Bobbi Brown lipsticks but as i now can only wear nude colours in work, i am limited to what i can buy and Chanel and Dior always suck me in first.
      I tried Dimitri but i thought it made my off-white teeth look a touch more yellow. It is a stunning shade. Pirate is a great one for yellow teeth and a true red. Probably my favourite red in Chanels whole collection.
      I’m sure you will love the no 5 lipstick in Fall. It’s usually a great time to wear reds. I got no 2 shade last year and i love wearing it in winter. Night Fall is also a gorgeous red and is a velvet matte to. Sadly, mine is broken at the base. I wear it sparingly. A truly beautiful deeper berry red.
      Well, i hope you get the Midnight Wish lipsticks in because they are lovely. Did you buy anything other thant the Chanel lipstick last Thursday? What a shame you didn’t see them.
      I swear though, i don’t want to think about how much money i have spent over the years on lipsticks and makeup in general. I could probably buy an SUV brand new instead of driving my old banger around.
      Speaking of which, i’m off to buy yet another tyre due to a flat. 4th new tyre this year. Take care xxxx

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