Self Hosting; My Right To Choose A Title/Header Font and……………The Public Shaming!

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be a very different post to beauty ones you’re used to.

I have had my blog for 6 years now. For the past 5 years i had as my host. A great blogging platform and i went along quite happily posting up to twice a week.

After 5 years, i started to run out of space. I was deleting photos to replace with new ones and it was getting a little bit out of hand. I had to make a decision.

I decided to give self hosting a try.

Ann-Marie, who has a blog; unfadingbeauty, suggested that i try the website Blogger2WP for help with self hosting. They recommended siteground. I am very grateful to her because it’s daunting setting up a blog by yourself. I don’t have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to computers. The site she suggested really helped.

I set up the site myself by using siteground as my host. I paid for this and set up my site using their free tutorials online. It was relatively easy and took approx. 4 hours to do.

I transferred from to wordpress themselves recommend siteground and they are not affiliated with them. Siteground are set up to host wordpress and other platforms as well.

Next, i had to create a theme/style for my site. The wordpress ones are free but quite basic. I looked around at many different themes and also looked at a few professional bloggers sites. Approx. 70% of influencers use pigdig. You can check yourself at the bottom of their page.

Pigdig Themes.

They make great templates and are very geared up for bloggers. Some of the other sites i looked at were aimed at professional businesses and the prices they charge reflect this.

I do not gain any revenue from my site. I buy everything myself and i cannot afford to pay a company to give me my own unique header/title font. So therefore; pigdig is a great choice for myself and bloggers and its obvious why so many use them.

I wanted to choose a theme that i’m going to be happy using for many years and followers would instantly recognise. The one i chose is, the very same in style to the way i had my original site set up and i thought this would be ideal to use, for that reason only! When i previewed my post in the template, it looked fantastic.

I understood that anyone could choose any theme and they are not unique with their fonts; etc. This means that, anyone can have the same theme/fonts and style if they choose. Another reason why pigdig is quite cheap.

What makes a blog unique, is the way you set it up yourself and your content.

I chose to set mine up to be quite simple and clean looking. I used to have a black background and in truth, it wasn’t easy on the eye to read. I still had all the features set out in the same way as my original blog. The Pigdig theme is great for this.

Public Accusation of Copying.

I was scrolling down the wordpress posts and saw one from Unfading Beauty. I really enjoy reading Ann-Marie’s posts and so, read her latest one. When i got to the end, there was a message directed at me.

She had accused me of copying ‘her’ logo. Wow!

Now! When I say her logo. It is just as i have explained above. It is not a unique font or header. FYI, they are not technically logo’s either. Although Pigdig do call them both logo/title headers. The header/title font can be changed.

If you want to own one, you either pay someone to design a logo or title Header or, design one yourself. 

Not only that, she copied my page and pasted it in to her post for all to see and then, assured everybody that she wasn’t upset about it and she wasn’t going to, ‘sweat the small stuff’! I’m paraphrasing, of course.

I feel sick that any blogger would even think i would need to copy them in any way.

It is a title header! If i was copying her content or post ideas, I would get it completely. I don’t and; nor would i ever do that to any blogger! Nor; do I need to.

FYI! At the moment, my header is burnished gold with red running through my page as a theme to reflect the holiday season. The colour will change after Christmas. This, i have explained to Ann-Marie. Her header is a yellow gold.

I just want to point out that, this is where any similarity ends. Our blogs are very different in content and layout.

I only wish she would have emailed me and i could have explained all this to her.

Disappointed! A little. Angry! Never.

I invest an incredible amount of money and time into my blog. It is my pride and joy, my unique creation and I love it. It’s set up the way i want it, for better or worse. At the moment i love using the Biloxi Script font. I will probably change it at some point.

I could have hid away and never have done this post and no one would have been any the wiser. I could have gotten very angry about it. I have been accused of many things in my life but copying is a first.

In fairness, i decided to address it publicly so that others can have their view point on it to. I have a hide as thick as a cow’s and probably as big and i’m mature enough to take most things thrown at me.

What are your thoughts on sharing templates which are available to all bloggers? Do you think you should have to ask another bloggers permission to have the same font for a header as the one they have, even if other fonts do not suit your title or site? Do you think as long as your content is different, this will make each blog unique anyway?

P.S Ann-Marie. Thanks for pointing out that spelling mistake I overlooked. Phew! Truth be told. I probably have thousands on this fabulous blog of mine and as for the grammar……………OMG!

So, no, i don’t feel ‘silly’. As for looking silly, you’ll need to ask my viewers; however, ‘I won’t be sweating the small stuff’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Take care and i will see you all soon.  😉


    December 6, 2018 / 6:11 am

    I went over to Unfading Beauty and it is a touch similar but I have to say …. if you did not mention it I would never really see it!
    I read blogs for the content and you know ….. if I see a makeup item I am thinking of buying and you are writing about it … you could put great big pink elephants flying around on your blog and I would not notice them !
    If these templates are available to All bloggers I do not think you have to ask others if you can use it too…. its just crazy – like Estee Lauder asking Christian Dior if she can make a red lipstick too ….. and could you imagine the fight between Elizabeth Arden , Helena Rubinstein and “that man” – Charles Revson if permission had to be asked for a red lippie there ! LOL

    • mirifiquebeauty
      December 6, 2018 / 4:58 pm

      Ha Ha I love your perspective and very true it is. There would be law suits every week.
      I think if someone designed a heading for themselves and then someone else lifted it, then that is most definetly copying and uncalled for.
      We do share the same header font but It suits both our titles/names so, I sort of don’t understand the issue.
      Ann Marie is a really nice person and has a great blog as do I and there are no similarities in the content of our sites. We both write very differently. There was never any copying going on.
      You know, 13 years ago this week, my brother died of liver Cancer. He was 36 . In the grand scheme of things, its meaningless. I am not even going to waste any more time thinking of something so insignificant. Thanks for commenting xxxx

  2. ladyjicky
    December 7, 2018 / 3:31 am

    I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Hugs .

    • mirifiquebeauty
      December 7, 2018 / 12:56 pm

      It’s been quite some time now but we always think of him this time of year

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