The Tuesday Tester………………Chanel Rouge Coco Lips.

Hi Everyone,

I was given the Chanel Rouge Coco card sample when i purchased on the site. I thought i would give a quick rundown of the formulas/colours and how i feel about them.

Chanel lipsticks have always been my favourite. They never bleed, dry out my lips or end up on my teeth and the colours are natural and pack a punch.

Rouge Coco Gloss, 806 Rose Tenation.

This is a wet gloss with a comfortable feel to the lip. No stickiness however, i think this would easily bleed out into the fine lines around my mouth if i wore it by itself. I did prefer the old formula, which was slightly sticky but stayed put.

The colour is a warm, almost neon pink. Not a great shade if you have slightly yellow teeth like myself.

Rouge Coco Lip Blush, 416 Teasing Pink.

My least favourite formula in the Rouge Coco line. It acts as a stain to the lips and can be used as a cheek blush at the same time.

I have an aversion to any lip product that doubles up as a blush. (Bobbi Brown do them too). Its a meh! product that feels horrible on my lips and makes them look older. The product also feathers out over my lip line, causing my lips to lack definition. The colour is a warm deep salmon pink.

Rouge Coco Lipstick, 482 Rose Maliceux.

You can’t go wrong with a tried and tested formula and Rouge Coco lipsticks are just that.

Feels lovely on the lips and packs opaque punch. I find the Rouge Coco formula the most long wearing of all Chanel lip products.

This colour is bright, leaning towards a fuchsia pink. Ideal for the Spring/Summer months. A winner!

Rouge Coco Stylo, 214 Message.

I have never tried this lipstick before. It comes in a long sleek stylo shape and you click the base to reveal the product. It has a very oil-like feel even though its in a stick. This is the reason it can’t be in the traditional lipstick casing and what gave me reservations about buying them before.

I am so impressed with how soft and moisturising this feels on my lips and yet, is so pigmented and shiny. Love it already.

Message is a beautiful cooler red/mauve. My ‘go to’ shade. Suitable for all seasons and quite a universal colour. I will be buying this one. I love other colours in this formula to.

Rouge Coco Shine, 142 Rose Emotif.

Again, another winning formula from Chanel. Rouge Coco Shines offer a lovely slip to the lip and still pack a punch in colour. They are not as long wearing as Rouge Coco but are more moisturising. I own many of these.

This colour is a warm coral/pink and ideal; once again, for Spring/Summer.

Final Thoughts.

Above from left to right; Rose Tenation, Teasing Pink, Rose Maliceux, Message and; Rose Emotif.

I am not so impressed with the new gloss formula. It isn’t a deal breaker because it does offer a high shine and they are great for wearing on top of lipsticks but not on their own.

The Rouge Coco Stylo was by far my favourite because it feels beautiful on the lips, almost like an oil but with a high shine and highly pigmented colour. Gorgeous!

My least favourite was the lip blush. It just didn’t do a thing for my lips and was even more useless as a blush. It actually aged my lips and felt horribly drying.

Above right; Rouge Coco Stylo 214 Message. Above Left; Rouge Coco Shine 142 Rose Emotif.

What are your thoughts on Chanel Rouge Coco ? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


    January 23, 2019 / 12:51 am

    We used to have the Coco Shine but its been gone from Aust. for a year or two! I liked them as they were not toooo glossy .
    I have to say , straight from the bat that I only like lipsticks in the usual case form but …… I think I need to have a look at those stylo lipsticks …. I like something with a “thickness ” to it …. so you know I am not going to like the glosses . We do not have the new Coco lip blush and from what you say – they can keep it ! LOL

    • mirifiquebeauty
      January 24, 2019 / 1:02 pm

      The lip blushes don’t impress me at all. The Stylo’s are lovely. Thick and creamy. Wonder why you don’t get the Coco Shines! Is it because Of the Australian weather? I love wearing them most on winter

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