Urban Decay Brow Blade…….Two Steps To Perfection.

Hi Everyone,

I am currently obsessed with my brows. They are one of the key factors in helping you keep a youthful appearance.

My brows are still fairly full however, they are losing definition and slight patches are appearing. I don’t need to microblade at the moment so; filling in is still a viable and cheaper option.

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection

Urban Decay are not a ‘go to’ brand for me, but i do often stick my nose into the counter whenever i walk past it. I own the Primer Potion, which i love.

I raised an eyebrow 😉 when i noticed they had new brow products on the counter. That immediately sparked my interest.

The brow products are called the Street Style Brow Collection and consist of various brow finishers.

Brow Endowed. A double ended brow mascara with a primer and colour to build volume.

The Brow Blade. A double ended brow stain and waterproof pencil.

Brow Finish. Two gels which are either clear or in sparkle finishes.

Double Down Brow Putty. (Vegan) A double sided putty and powder with a smudge proof finish. Is travel friendly.

I am going to review the brow blade.

I have used a similar product before from Suqqu which i loved,but it was too hard to get hold of. I could only purchase it from the Selfridges website.

I was chuffed when i saw that UD were doing something similar.

Urban Decay, Brow Blade

Stain Side

This is a double ended stylo. One end has a super fine tip point that deposits an ink stain. This can be used to create hairs by drawing them on.

The other side is a pencil, again with a super fine tip.

I bought Taupe Trap. The exact shade of my brows. A cool, slightly ashy mid-toned brown.

The blade is a two-stepped system. Using the ink stain to create the illusion of brow hairs. The other side is a waterproof pencil to create definition.

First Impressions

Pencil Side

I only bought this on Friday and used it yesterday, so this is still a first impressions post.

Top line with the stain applied with a light hand. Middle applied with a stronger hand and bottom is the pencil line

The ink stain immediately deposits colour. You need to have a very light hand to give a fine hair effect. A heavier hand will deposit a stronger line.

The pencil is quite hard. When i used it on the back of my hand, i had to apply some pressure to get it to work. I thought this would be a nightmare on my brow but it wasn’t. It coloured them fine and quickly.

The way i used the blade was; ink stain at the inner brow, close to my nose to create some brow hairs. I then used the pencil to add definition under my brows and filled in patches. I used the ink at the outer edges of my brow to create finer hairs/lines.

Without Brow Product
With UD Brow Blade Stain applied to give illusion of extra brow hairs.

This worked a treat. There was no fading or rubbing off during the whole day. Approx. eight hours.

Overall Thoughts

At the moment, i can’t comment on how much use I will get from the brow blade before it runs out; however, i will get back to you with an update.

With the UD Brow Blade in Taupe Trap using both stain and pencil side.

It costs £18 for 0.05g pencil and 0.4ml ink stain and is available in seven shades.

Taupe Trap is the perfect colour for me and blended in seemlessly to my own brow.

The Completed Look.

The blade is easy to work with but may take a minute longer to apply than brow mascaras would. If you love precise brows then this is the product of choice.

The other product in the new UD brow range i will buy next is, the Brow Endowed Primer and Colour. This is designed for being quick to apply while building volume to the brow. Ideal for work.

I’m going to enjoy playing with the new brow blade.

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


    February 3, 2019 / 9:53 pm

    I must see if they are have arrived here! Looks great!

    I do have a nice collection of Urban Decay eye liners (the pencil kind) they do not smudge and they do not hurt my sensitive eyes. Lovely colours too.

    • mirifiquebeauty
      February 3, 2019 / 10:22 pm

      Hi Melinda,
      Oh i forgot about the eyeliners. I have two of them and they are lovely. I use one all of the time lol. Doh! This brow product is nice but i want to try out the double ended brush one instead with the primer. I think it will be less finicky for work. I do love the colour of this though. Next to my beloved Chanel brow pencil, this has to be a close second.

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