Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2019……Highlighting Stick and Lovely Legs!

Hi Everyone,

Guerlain have become a lot more interesting this year for me.

First, was the amazing foundation; review here and now the summer collection of which, the highlighter stick caught my eye.

Guerlain also have a wonderful wooden compact that contains a peach blush and bronzer in a paisley print design. This will make a great collectors piece.

There are also foundation sticks as part of the collection which are full coverage to.

I passed on the blush/bronzer and foundation stick because i do own a couple from Guerlain and i don’t really do full coverage foundations. The highlighting sticks are very appealing though. I can never have enough highlighters.

Terracotta Highlighting Stick, Universal Blush.

As soon as i spotted this, i was hooked. This is right up my street.

Guerlain Terracotta Highlighting Stick, Universal Blush.

The bronze gold packaging is made of plastic, keeping it light weight, which makes it travel friendly and the cap snaps into place, so it won’t come off in your handbag.

The stick twists up to reveal a beautiful pinky peach highlighter/blush. There are other shades available. The gold and bronze are lovely; however, the pink is more versatile for me.

It’s a cream/powder product which can be applied directly from the tube or with brush/fingers. I use it directly from the stick and then blend with my fingers. It blends out quickly.

The colour is fairly pigmented and can be used by itself as a blush if you have very pale skin. I have fair skin and will use this as a highligher and blush topper. It does have gold microshimmers and reflects the light beautifully. This is ideal for summer skin and all skin tones.

The fragrance is very mild and disappears within seconds once it hits the skin.

Highlighting Stick Swatch without blending.

Another item i picked up was, one i was interested in last year but didn’t want to pay the price at the time. This is the leg makeup.

Terracotta Jolies Jambes. Flawless Legs Lotion. Clair/Light.

This lotion is non transferable and gives the leg a mild tanned effect.

I bought it because it was on sale and i have the whitest legs ever. They never tan no matter how hard i try. My legs have a few imperfections too, making wearing sheer tights impossible.

Guerlain Flawless Legs Lotion, Clair/Light.

This is the perfect shade to give the legs a touch of warmth and i like the fact that it sets down quickly. This will give me more confidence in the summer and with wearing sheer tights.

Flawless Legs Lotion not blended out.

I did try this out on my legs yesterday and then wore skinny jeans all day and it never transferred at all. Pretty impressive!

It has a lovely mild floral fragrance that disappears quickly unlike self tanning lotion, which remains and is unpleasant.

Flawless Legs Lotion blended out.

I noticed that it didn’t conceal the larger imperfections on my legs; however, that is a big ask TBH. I usually use heavy coverage concealer on them. Over all, it is a great lotion. A touch more coverage than self tanning product.

Final Thoughts.

The highlighting/blush stick is quite versatile and will be great for travelling and in the handbag. Gives a lovely light reflection while remaining suitably subtle for the office. If you hate microshimmer, this is not for you. I love it and it makes an ideal summer product for me.

The gold microshimmer stops the product becoming frosty as some pale pink hightlighters can look and gives a nice touch of warmth to the skin.

The legs lotion is just another fab product for summer. I do have very nice shaped legs but they are super white and this will help as a quick fix, if i need to wear sheer tights and haven’t applied tanning lotion. It’s also an added bonus that i got it on sale at Debenhams.

Take care and i will see you all soon. 🙂


    May 19, 2019 / 3:20 am

    That is a very nice Guerlain stick product .
    I am not really good at applying bronzer or highlights and I have just bought a cream blusher from E Arden which is ok. I tend to put too much on! LOL

    • mirifiquebeauty
      May 19, 2019 / 11:07 am

      I do the same to. This stick is great. One swipe and blend. Effortless. I have been using my Dior backstage highlight and glow palette as well this week and that is quite intense. I think i overdone it but, you can never have too much highlighter lol. Not at my age anyway.

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