Chanel Haul……Summer Has Gone A Touch Blurry!

Hi Everyone,

I feel like its been forever since i wrote my last post. Many unforseen things have stopped me writing.

I started a new job last week and my car finally died two weeks ago. Perfect timing! I had owned Sulley for 9 years and we had many great adventures together. ‘Red’ is my new car which is blue. (Another story)! I feel like i’m part of the millenium now. I use a USB to play music rather than having my CD’s all over the car. A card for a key. All very swish!

Chanel Eyes Collection Summer 2019

Anywho  Anyhow! I managed to have a Birthday somewhere inbetween and was given these beauties as presents and frankly; there woudn’t have been any posts because after buying a car, buying beauty was the last thing on my mind.

Bronzer and highlighter Duo. Medium.

Chanel have recently released their Summer Cruise collection and the only thing that caught my eye was the bronzing powder and highlighting duo. I like the fact that it’s a duo and can be useful for travelling.

There are two variations. The clair/light is far too light and acts more as a setting powder/highlighter duo however, the medium tone makes a clear distinction.

The duo comes in the usual packaging and is the size of the normal highlighters and is separated into two halves. The Chanel logo is printed onto it and comes with a half moon brush.

The bronzer itself is medium deep with a matte finish. The highlighter is a medium warm gold and has microshimmers. The powders are the usual lovely quality expected from Chanel although, 8g in size. I’m starting to wonder how much smaller these face powders can become?!

My Thoughts.

I’m happy i was given this as a birthday gift because, with all the bronzing powders i own, i might not have bothered buying it. It does give a warm healthy glow to my face without it looking obvious that i applied it.

The finish is subtle and gives the skin a beautiful glow. The highligher is more noticeable. No chunky glitter or strobing. It gives the skin a healthy ‘pick me up’. Great when i’m looking a little tired and washed out.

This will be a great product for light to medium skin tones but darker skin tones will probably only benefit from the highligher.

Multi Effect Quadra Eyeshadow Palette, 324 Blurry Blue.

I am quite chuffed that my favourite quad in the Eyes Collection is the least coveted out of all the eyeshadow palettes.

324 Blurry Blue
Empreinte Du Desert.

Most pretty much opted for the blurry greens and greys coming in second. Both are lovely however, i have a quad similar to the greens, which was released several summers ago. (Empreinte Du Desert).

I was set to pick up the blurry greys however, they are more like taupes than actual grey; and quite dark. They disappointed me a bit!

The blurry mauves are ok. I think i might look like i’ve been crying if i wore these. Too much red eye for my liking.

Blurry blues! Now; I am impressed.

324 Blurry Blue

They immediately reminded me of 288 Road Movie, with that beautiful deep teal shade which is almost identical in this palette. however, the other colours in the blurry quad are cooler in tone and all are matte. (I had to have this one).

As per usual, the colours are deeply pigmented and have a couple of grey colours, more like what i wanted from the blurry grey palette. The teal blues lift it quite a bit and makes it a palette to have fun with.

Left; Blurry Blue. Right; Road Movie

The eyeshadows are very finely milled and are the pressed formula that Chanel have adopted, since dropping the baked shadows a few years ago.

Swatches Top; Road Movie. Swatches Bottom left; Blurry Blue and Intense Teal Eyeliner; Intense Teal Mascara on right.

There is a touch of fall out with the grey colours in this palette but not enough to go on about. The shadows blend quite easily together, even on my crepey eyes and It’s a nice quad to match with many other colours i own. I’m happy i opted for the blurry blue in the end.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner. 946 Intense Teal.

I think the teal eyeliner is seriously stunning. This really does pack a punch of beautiful pigment.

One of the best colours i have ever seen Chanel produce. I hope this one is part of the permanent line.

This eyeliner is a dream to apply. No drag and tons of pigment. Can be blended out before it sets down and it stays put once it has set.

I still say Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliners have never been matched or beaten by any other brand out there. I have many stunning colours and all can be worn in the waterline with no irritation as well.

Above; Face is with all chanel makeup on the eyes, except mascara. Face is; Dior Forever Foundation 2N; Chanel Bronzer and Highlight Duo in, Medium. Blush is; Chanel Voyage de Chanel Travel Face Palette. Lips are; NARS Powermatte Liquid Lipstick, Save The Queen.

Le Volume Revolution De Chanel Mascara, 37 Intense Teal.

Chanel Revolution de Chanel Mascara. 37, Intense Teal

Finally! I got this one myself by using my Boots reward points. I love blue mascaras but have never owned a teal one yet.

I generally wear the coloured mascaras as a top coat over a black mascara, so it isn’t too intense and gives just a hint of colour, when hitting light in a certain way.

The formula is not my all time favourite from Chanel. Volume de Chanel is, for really long eye lashes. I prefer that brush over the 3D printed one. Revolution is still a very nice mascara to.

I like how it wears over a black mascara. It does give a hint of colour and lifts the lashes well.

It is best to wear the Revolution mascara as the second coat over another one because it doesn’t work out well if you try to build it. A lovely shade of teal though. Not too intense.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed my haul. Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


    June 24, 2019 / 5:11 am

    Your new car sounds great!!!!
    I am trying to do a “no buy” …… and going… well , sort of ok .
    I looked at the new collection of Chanel and made myself walk away!
    If I did let myself buy anything it would have been the eye shadow palette you have …. it was VERY nice and I thought it was the Best in the collection.

    I am not a big bronzer … just have one and I do not use it all that much. I did read they were very pale but I do have a heavy hand when powdering so it would have been good for me! LOL

    Oh that lipstick … so pretty on you Mandy and I want to have it too but ……. No , No , No !!!
    I am walking away from the Nars counter as well ! LOL
    Mind you …. I am looking forward to the new collections in your Autumn (our Spring) I think the best of the best comes out from all brands this time. I wonder what they will be this year????

    Its been Freezing here !!!! Wet and very cold winter.
    Enjoy your summer and enjoy your car 🙂

    • mirifiquebeauty
      June 24, 2019 / 5:28 am

      I am just so poor at the moment but still have enough makeup to sink a ship 🚢 😁

        June 25, 2019 / 12:07 am

        I know that feeling …. hubby is out of work at the moment and I have ship sinking amounts of makeup too….. so we will both “shop our stash” as they say – together!

        • mirifiquebeauty
          June 25, 2019 / 5:38 am

          I think the amount of product releases at the moment is getting a bit ridiculous and nothing much I haven’t seen before.

  2. July 29, 2019 / 1:09 pm

    Nice post. Also I recently created an Instagram account called @lafashionbubble. I hope you will follow me on Instagram so that we can connect 🙂

    • mirifiquebeauty
      August 11, 2019 / 10:58 am

      Thanks. I will take a look.

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