My Top 10 ‘Couldn’t live without’ Beauty Products of 2012.

Hi Everyone,

Farewell  2012 and i hope 2013 is a very lucky one for us all. One fantastic positive of 2012 was, i started my website and blog which i love writing and long may they continue.

I wanted to share a post with you about the products i just couldn’t live without over 2012 and will continue to use in 2013. I could have done a 2012 favourite’s, but i  do the monthly ones and if you read them, then you already know which they are however; a couple do appear in them lists too. These are more, products i needed to have in my makeup bag.

2012 Cant do without products

To whittle this list down was a bit of a nightmare as i use a lot of products over a year. I got it down at first to about 30 products and then i had to do a heartbreaking cut to give me ten. I did this by selecting which ones i had used the most in 2012. I was going to make it 15 but i don’t want this post to become a booklet or drag it out into a few posts.

So here they are.

1.Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex 50ml/£58.00

It is also in my favourites list. I bought it last february and have just under half a bottle left. Oh! Its a 30ml bottle as well. A little goes an incredibly long way and it does actually work. A miracle without the botox price tag. A great moisturiser/serum is an absolute essential for anyone, despite skin type or age; so this is the one i will be sticking with in 2013.

2.Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curlers £20.00Shu Uemura EL Curlers

I bought these for the first time last year. My eye lashes have slowly began to droop so i now have to use curlers all the time. I am so glad i do though, because it takes all the hard work out of trying to lift and curl lashes with mascara alone. I wouldn’t be without them now.

3.Lancome Definicils Mascara 6.5ml/£21.00Lancome Definicils

You knew it was coming. I have used this for many years and it will continue to be a staple until i cease to exist. It just does the job without clumping. So i guess its more than a 2012 ‘can’t live without’. It deserves a lifetime achievement award!  Full review here.

4.Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum. 50ml/£62.00

Yes, i’m almost out but its on my birthday wish list. This is my Desert Island fragrance.  I love it and i have all the body oils, body washes etc; to go with it as well. A must for any heady perfume lover. It is the staple of all my fragrances and the one i turn too most often. It also gets me great compliments.

Chance means luck in French and the round bottle was deliberately shaped to represent the Wheel of Fortune. Created in 2003 by Jacques Polge, the perfume itself has top notes of pink pepper,lemon and pineapple. The heart is Hyacinth, Jasmine and Iris and the base notes consist of Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, Vetiver and White Musk.

I don’t do the Eau de Toilette version because i love the incredible sexy strength in the Eau de Parfum. A punchy statement perfume i will never be without.

5. Chanel Precision Lip Defining Pencil in 25 Pink Sugar. £17.50DSC03377

Chanel again! It’s so difficult not to put Chanel in. I am a huge fan of the makeup and perfume so ‘its inevitable’ as Brad Pitt says! Swatch of Pink Sugar

I do need a lip pencil. It just gives lips fabulous definition besides stopping lipstick bleeding. This one suits most of the shades of lipstick i wear. Again, incredible staying power; super easy to blend and a lovely warm toned pink.

6.Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Enivree  3.5ml/£25.00Chanel Enivree

I could have put them all in this post but there is one that stands out a bit more than any of the others. It was a limited edition in last years Chanel Les Scintillances Holiday Collection 2011. It has pink and gold sparkles in it and is a lovely mutli-faceted lipstick; the picture below just doesn’t capture the true beauty of it. I only have a tiny amount left, (see left) so i use it sparingly.

Chanel lipsticks have super staying power too. Unbeatable and the best out there, in my opinion. I use lipstick because i do have fairly nice lips and want to enhance them even more and lipstick does brighten up the face. Chanel R A Enivree(1)

7. Batiste Dry Shampoo. 200ml/£2.99 

Have i needed this over the past year! I should buy shares in it! Great product and saves me from having to wash my hair every single day, which just ruins it. I use it on the second day and it gives my hair its volume back again. A definite must have and the mini hand bag size is a good idea too.

8. NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base 6gm/£18.00

A  phenomenon in itself. Since i bought this early last year, i have used it every single time i have worn eyeshadow and i don’t know how i coped before it. Yes i do! I always had thick dark eyeshadow in my crease after a couple of hours. Not anymore! A tiny bit of this on the eyelids intensifies my eyeshadow colour and stops creases forming all day; problem solved! It’s great and i will continue to use it from now on. I haven’t found an equivalent as good as it yet,that is cheaper.

9. MAC  Studio Finish Concealer NC20/NW20. 7gm/£14.50

MAC SF Concealer PotsDSC03484(1)Swatches of MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Unfortunately, i still get blemishes on occasion, so a hard wearing concealer is a necessity for me. MAC Studio Finish concealer is absolutely incredible for covering blemishes. I use two shades depending on the time of year and  have used them for over two years now without hitting pan.They have a very creamy texture, are very opaque and are easy to blend out, so there’s no caking. These are my wonder pots, with a lovely formula that works. I’m guessing with the great shelf life they have, that these will probably see me through 2013 as well before i have to repurchase.

10. MAC 219 Pencil Brush £19.00

MAC 219

Brushes are integral tools for anyone serious about makeup application. I have loads and most are by MAC. The 219 Pencil brush is great; it doesn’t produce any fallout at all and i use it for my socket and smudging, in fact it has many uses and i own two.

So there it is, the 2012 ‘can’t live without’, beauty products that did me proud.

What were yours? What products do you re-purchase time and time again?

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Have fun peops and until next time, take care.             😉