Chanel Holiday Libre Collection 2018……..Leo The Lion.

Hi Everyone,

I love holiday collections so much. It is the best time of the year to buy beauty products because they can be very unique, limited edition and; great quality.

Chanel, especially this year, are no exception. The current holiday collection and the 2017 Libre collection, includes the lion theme. Leo being Gabrielle Chanel’s birth sign. This included various shades of highlighters and a new one for the 2018 collection.

Last year, Chanel released 4 Rouge Allure red lipsticks in red packaging and this year; the fifth shade; No 5, which has a double-entendre meaning. You could also call the 2018 collection, Libre Part deux! Pictured right, last years no 2 lipstick.

The red theme doesn’t stop there. Chanel have also released the iconic No 5 perfume in a ruby red bottle for the very first time. Very tempting but ahhh! I already own No 5 L’Eau. Yes, it is limited edition.

I have bought a couple of items which to me, are the best out of the collection.

Single Eyeshadows:

The single eyeshadows are pretty incredible this year. I have liked the copper brown one since eyeing it over a month ago. The two darker Khaki and black shades are a little dark for me; however the pale Ivory gold is absolutely stunning.

905 Electrum Lamé, Metallic.

Above right in direct sunlight and below left, in ambient lighting. 

This is a white ivory looking highlighting shade in the pan until you swatch it. It becomes this stunning light gold with plenty of microshimmer.

The eyeshadow feels super buttery smooth and very high quality, even by Chanel standards.

This will make a great highlighting eyeshadow, topper or even a highligher if, you want an intense strobe-like effect.

Above left, Electrum Lame; Chanel Luna Highlighter; Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in 60 Ivory and ; Bobbi Brown Long Wear Single Eyeshadow 36 Candlelight . Candlelight is closest but not as pigmented.

907 Cuivre Lamé, Metallic.

This was the one that i fell in love with on sight. It is a medium toned warm brown with plenty of golden microshimmer. Again, super buttery and highly pigmented.

It wears slightly darker on my lid, however, the warm gold comes through as a satin finish, rather than being glittery, which i love. It makes quite a good contrast to the Electrum Lamé.

It makes a great mobile lid shade but it could still be worn as a socket shade with a paler lid colour. It really is beautiful and i have no other colour like it. Phew! Once again, it makes the blue in my eyes stand out with its warmth.

Above left swatch in ambient light. Right Picture of swatches left; Cuivre Lamé; Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow 806 Terre Brûlée; Bobbi Brown Long wear Single Cream Eyeshadow 34 Bronze Sugar and; Guerlain Single Eyeshadow one colour, 05 Copperfield.  

I seriously cannot find a single negative thing to say about these eyeshadows at all. I wore the cuivre lamé yesterday and it wore beautifully all day without creasing or losing pigment. I haven’t had a chance to wear the Electrum Lamé yet.

There was also an Ombre Premiere cream eyeshadow, (Rose Lamé) released in the US, which wasn’t available to the UK market. I have to say, it really annoys me when Chanel does this !!!!

Le Lion de Chanel. Illuminating Powder.

The highlighter is a complete show stopper. I wasn’t going to buy it because, 8gm of product for £50 is incredibly steep and i own so many highlighters. Swatching it, it comes off quite dark on the skin. On the cheekbones, it is a stunning pale warm gold that is subtle and smooth. It is probably the nicest highligher i have ever worn.

Buttery smooth like the eyeshadows and very pigmented for a highlighting product.

Above left; Left to right; Lion De Chanel; Estée Lauder Pure Colour Highlighter 01 Modern Mercury; Chanel Les Tissages Lamés Shimmering Tweed highlighter; Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid, Sunkissed. Pictured right; Left; Lion De Chanel with NARS Man Ray Overexposed Glow Highlighter. The Man Ray is very similar with a strong strobe effect.

There is no chunky glitter or microshimmer either. It is simply beautiful and is worth the money. 10gm would have been perfect though.

Chanel No 5 Body Oil.

Next up is the Chanel No 5 Body oil. Last year, Chanel released a similar one with golden glitter throughout the oil itself. I personally didn’t think its scent was strong enough so i passed on it.

Above; Chanel No 5 Body Oil and a framed picture of my nan who absolutely adored the perfume.

This year, the oil comes in a frosted glass bottle with a spray. It has the incredible scent that is deep enough to wear over the entire body without being over powering. I couldn’t pass up on this one. The oil is light itself and absorbs quickly into the skin. No greasy after feel.

This would also make a great gift for someone who also owns the perfume. It would be great if Chanel made this part of their permanent line.

The Ones I Passed On.

I passed on all the lip and nail products. I own too many similar shades. I do think the red lip gloss is stunning though, with its golden shift. I was in two minds about that one and may still purchase it. It reminds me of a lip lacquer rather than a lip gloss because it has serious pigment.

There was a black khôl eye pencil and Le Crayon Yeux, a limited edition brown/copper eyeliner, 66 Brun Cuivre which i already own from a previous collection. This is beautiful and goes well with the copper eyeshadow.

These are my picks from Chanel this year and TBH, the most i have bought from a Chanel/holiday makeup collection in quite some time.

Pictured right, wearing most of the holiday collection with Dior Midnight Wish Jewel Lipstick, 434 Promenade. Below left; Lion De Chanel Highlighter on my cheekbone. 

This collection really does have the quality and is more reminiscent of previous holiday collections from Chanel, with lots of gold and reds. What a relief!

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉