Dior and Chanel Lips & Nails…………………..Magenta Makes Me Feel Sassy!

Hi Everyone,
I had a little Birthday bash with some of the girls from work a few weeks ago and i needed to buy a couple of new items to go with my new dress. (Any excuse really)!
The dress is navy with a floral pattern that includes the colours of magenta and various shades of blue. I love it!

I decided to make everything magenta to add a contrast to the dress and blue shoes i also bought; my clutch included. My lip colour and nail polish has to be magenta too.
Dior Lacquer Stick Lipstick, 882 Sassy.
When i first saw this on the counter, i wasn’t overawed with the shade. I do love the formula of the Lacquer sticks. They are seriously creamy and super pigmented. A dream of a lipstick.

I already own L.A.Pink, which is a dusky pink mauve shade. I’ve worn it so much, i am nearly half way through the tube aready.

When the SA from Dior tried Sassy out on me, it made my blue eyes stand right out. It is a very wearable pink with both warmth and a touch of blueness to it as well. It is perfect for the clutch and nail colour i also bought.

The lacquer sticks do remain on the lips for many hours, so very little touch ups are required. I have other shades in mind for my next purchase and Club is a beautiful shade too.

Picture above left comparisons to Sassy; Dior Lacquer Stick 882 Sassy, a neutral toned magenta. Dior Addict 976 Be Dior, a warm pink fuchsia; Chanel Rouge Allure 93 Exaltée, a very cool toned fuchsia pink and finally; Chanel Rouge Allure Ink 150 Luxuriant is a warm berry pink shade.
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, 643 Désirio.

I believe this one is still made using the older formula and not the new gel one. The shade was the only one perfect to match both my clutch and lipstick choices so i went with it.
There’s not a lot i can say about this other than it is a typical Chanel nail polish. They always come in stunning and very unique shades and i don’t really care what anyone says, they are still the best in shade and application even though the older formula does chip a bit.
This is a gorgeous, opaque magenta with a good amount of shine to it.
It lasts much longer with the Dior Gel Coat on top too. I’m not worrying too much about it 😉

That’s all my recent purchases for now. 
Take care and i will see you all soon.  😉