Latest Haul…………….Chanel & Dior Fall 2016.

Hi Everyone,
As i may have mentioned, beauty costs have been cut this year to make way for saving for my dream holiday, which i booked two weeks ago. Whoo hooo!
I am however, still going to buy key products including limited editions and products that i do not own already in my collection.
Dior Skyline Fall 2016.
Dior Haul Fall 2016
This was the hardest for me because all of this collection is gorgeous and i could have bought so much more. I was really hard on myself and decided on one key and one new product i don’t own in my collection.
Dior Brow Chalk, 002 Soft Brown.
I wanted a new brow product as my others are running out. Dior released 3 brow chalks in this collection and i opted for the mid toned brown.
Dior Brow Clhalk PackagingDior Brow Chalk fully extended from tubeDior Brow Chalk Soft Brown Swatch
It’s like a wax/powder product, not so much chalky, thankfully. The idea is you apply straight from the stick. I found that a little difficult without it smudging under and above my brows. The best way for me is to apply with my angled brow brush and it applies a treat and blends really well.
It doesn’t set down completely and this worried me a bit because i thought it would wear off during the day. It didn’t. It also maintains a natural look, like a traditional brow pencil does.
Dior Brow Chalk on EyebrowsDior Brow Chalk close up
Dior Addict Hydra-Gel Core Lipstick, 927 Sophisticated.
I loved this shade as soon as i set my eyes on it. The colour reminds me so much of a previous Dior Addict shade i own, Chesnut Chic. It is a lovely shiny mauve/taupe brown shade. Very unique and this one is limited edition, unfortunately. (The unique shades generally are). Chesnut Chic is a little more shiny than this one.
Dior Addict Gel Core Lipstick, SophisticatedDior Addict Gel Core Lipstick, 927 Sophisticated. Close UpDior Hydra Gel Core Lipstick Sophisticated
This particular lipstick formulation is lovely because it feels watery and very hydrating on the lips. I am beginning to prefer this type of lipstick the older i get because they keep my lips looking youthful.Dior Addict Gel Core Lipstick,927 Sophisticated
Of course, hydrating lipsticks tend to lack in longevity but i still get a couple of hours wear out of these formulas.
Below; Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick, 612 Chesnut Chic. This is a less pigmented silver mauve shade with intense shine.
Dior Addict Lipstick ChesnutDior Addict Lipstick Chestnut, Swatch on lips
The packaging is very classy with magnetic closing. There is also a lip gloss to go with this shade in the Fall collection but i don’t think it’s needed so much with this lipstick formula.
Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1, Fall 2016.
Chanel Rouge No 1 Fall Makeup Collection 2016
Next up is Chanel. A little bit of a disappointing collection for me. I like red lipstick but own many. The eyeshadow quad is a similar version of Harmonie de Soir, (which i own) only matte. The eyeshadow quad is beautiful in quality and pigmentation and the matte isn’t a dull matte by any means. I might buy it in the future because it’s permanent.
I did go for one of the stylo’s and an illusion d’ombre. Both limited editions.
Chanel Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner, 929 Agape.
Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner, 929 AgapeChanel Stylo Yeux , 929 Agape Close up
A mid toned brown with copper, gold and green micro shimmer. A lovely easy wear eyeliner. I do love Chanel Stylo Yeux. (The old formula, especially). I find the newer version wears off a bit quicker on the waterline and don’t set down. The advantage of this is, it’s much easier to apply and doesn’t drag across the eye.
Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner, 929 Agape (in sunlight)Chanel Stylo Yeux, 929 Agape (Swatch)Autumn Eye Look
I’m sure this pencil is quite dupe-able in colour, so i won’t be buying a back up.
Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow. 128 Rouge Brûlé.
Being an ex. Pastry Chef, i find it so hard not to call this crème brûlée!! I like this one compared to the previous one they released last year that was a deep orange in shade. This one isn’t so garish and is more wearable.
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Creme BruleeChanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Rouge Brulee close up
It is still quite orange in colour but with a copper edge to it. A duo chrome. (Chanel do so well). There are also mild hints of pink, gold and green micro shimmer. Chanel didn’t move too far away from that wonderful micro shimmer after all and; this is what makes this shade really lovely to wear. Pictured on my eyes above.  
Gone are the Illusion D’Ombre of old. (They were heavily shimmered); however, you will never stop me loving Diapason; which has never dried out on me and is an incredible blue/purple colour.
Chanel Rouge Brulee in direct sunlightChanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Rouge Brulee on fingerChanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Rouge Brulee Swatch
I didn’t bother with the Rouge Contraste, (the other Illusion D’Ombre in this collection). It was very matte and was just another dark brown eyeshadow. Nothing special.
Final Thoughts.
I love the Dior Fall collection and liked the Chanel one. The Dior collection is that bit more dynamic and interesting for me personally.
I hope this Rouge number one collection by Chanel is not a hint of things to come because it isn’t one of my favourites.Me in Autumn look
FluffyOn a more positive note, the quad matte eyeshadows and Rouge Brûlé are the stars of this collection and have fantastic quality and; i will always love Chanel lipsticks over any others on the market.
What are your thoughts on the new Dior and Chanel Fall collections this year?
Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉