Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures………My Experience with HIFU.

Hi Everyone,

In May this year, i decided to have a look at some anti-aging procedures that were non- invasive.

I was thinking of Botox but tbh, I can spot it on a womans face a mile away. It just doesn’t look natural enough and it gives the face a slightly weird look, which i can’t describe. That is my opinion however, i may not rule it out in the future.

I have had Restylane injected into my lips and marionette lines previously and it only lasted one month. It was expensive for such a limited time result.

I want a more natural look. A fresher face rather than a plastic looking one. Fine Lines do not bother me and your eyes always give your age away anyhow. There is no escaping aging. As we age, cells die off leaving less to produce collagen. Collagen helps keep the elasticity in our skin. Once it goes, the skin begins to age over time through sagging, lines; etc.

I had noticed that my lines are beginning to deepen and my jowels are sagging slightly. The skin around my lower face and neck began to become much looser. (Something i really hate).

I had read up on HIFU and it’s also the choice of some celebritites who have been down the botox road and didn’t want to look that way anymore. Courtney Cox Arquette being a huge advocate of this.

It is relativety cheap in comparison to some other procedures. Does it work though?!

What is HIFU?

It is a non-invasive high intensity focused ultrasound that is used in many medical prodcedures and has now been adopted by the beauty industry.

An electrical charge is applied to a crystal, creating a piezo-electric effect. This produces ultrasonic waves. These sound waves cannot be heard, but they are able to pass in through your skin and to tissues, heating them and causing cell friction, which in turn, damages the lower cells causing them to produce collagen to aid healing.

The procedure improves skin texture, acne scarring is diminished and tightening of the skin to reduce fine lines and sagging.

There are various machines out there that will produce different results, so research is a good idea.

What i experienced.

The procedure was quite comfortable. The therapist explained what would happen as we went along.

First was the forehead. She fired off the ultrasound in 3 place of the forehead. (Centre and both sides).

This gave a dull headache feel which only lasts when ultrasound is being applied. Approx. 5 minutes.

Next, she did the top of both cheekbones. (Ultrasound is never applied anywhere around the eye area).

The nasal-labial folds were then then treated and then the jawline. The jawline was the hardest part because she did the most ultrasound treatment here. This was quite uncomfortable because of the jawbone and there needs to be a higher concentration in this area for it to work.

Lastly, was the neck area. The ultrasound was placed on both sides of the neck. (It can never be placed directly over the throat).

There is no down time so you can go about your business straight after the procedure. (I had mine done in Rodney Street, so i went for lunch andshopping straight after).

You are advised to wear sunscreen for the following 2 weeks after the procedure and not to sunbathe in this time either.

What are the results?

– Look Between 4 – 8 Years Younger with One Treatment
– Increase Blood Circulation
– Increases Elastin & Production of Collagen
– Re-educates the Muscles
– Stimulates Skin Cells
– Rejuvenates Skin
– Improves, Firms & Tightens Muscles
– Eyelid Hood Reduction
– Nasonabial Fold Reduction
– Improves & Tightens Sagging Skin
– Cheek, Jowl & Neck Tightening
– Double Chin Reduction
– Eye Bag Reduction
– Fat Deposit Reduction
– Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction
– Acne Reduction
– Acne Scar Reduction

Are the results Immediate?

I noticed an immediate fine line reduction, (this didn’t last though). Skin tone immediately improved.

The rest of the above results appear over time. Within a month, my jowels have tightened up ever so slightly. My double chin isn’t as prominent or saggy and overall, the skin in this area has much more elasticity.

My marionette lines have become a touch less noticeable after 6 months.

Not sure if my eyebrows lifted or stayed the same.

I have laughter lines around my eyes which no surgery will ever remove however, crows feets are hardly noticeable.

I can’t say i have noticed anything else over the last 6 months. Just a continuation, which is very natural and would be the results of collagen stimulation.

I have uploaded before and after photos but if you can tell any difference, i’ll be amazed. Unfortunately, unlike the photos they try to fob you off with, of before and after shots, mine are the reality. I also could not re-create the exact lighting conditions.

Above left, pictured right is just before treatment and the left photo is one month after. I do notice a skin colour improvement here.

Above right, pictured left; again, me before treatment and then photo taken today, 6 months on. There is a tiny improvement in fine lines however, its quite impossible to capture on film.

How long does it last?

Anywhere from 6-18 months. The results for me, are felt more than seen.

It is recommended that you only have HIFU done once in a year.

Would I do it again?

I may do however, i am looking at other treatments at the moment.

The results are very subtle for a low price point and the treatment is still working 6 months on.

It can be an uncomfortable procedure. The procedure takes up to one hour. You can have the option of only having the face done to make it slightly cheaper. Face and neck cost me £349. There are skin creams on sale that are much more expensive that will never give these results!

The most obvious results for me were, the jowel and double chin tightening up. Minor line reduction around the mouth area and skin tone improvement.

I do like that it is a natural, gradual improvement which i notice myself and if i never chose to tell anyone, they would never know.

This topic is very emotive and i would love to hear your opinions. If you would ever consider the many non-invasive treatments out there. Which treatments would you consider/have had done or,  would you never do anything?

Take care and i will see you all soon.