Dior Lip Glow Squad 2018 Haul………………Dewy and Holographic Lip Balms.

Hi Everyone,
Dior have just released a collection of lip glow lip balms for Spring 2018, along with a gorgeous duo chrome holographic highlighter, Holo Gold. (Dior do highlighters so well).

I’ve had three of the balms for over a week now. In fact, i’ve had 006 berry for some months because they released this shade in a previous collection.
The lip glow squad consists of various shades of lip balms from pink, reds to purples and they come in various finishes, ranging from dewy, matte and holographic.
I bought the dewy 007 Raspberry, re-newed the 006 Berry and purchased 010 Holo Pink, (Holographic).
The Lip Glow Lip Balm.
Comes packaged in the gorgeous Dior Lipstick case, only this one is a transparent pink to symbolize the lip balm itself.
There is a healthy 3.5gm of product; however, it does wear down a little quicker than a lipstick so, thats probably a good thing. The dewy balms are £25.00 and the Holo/Mattes are £26.oo.
The balm itself reacts with the pH level in your own lips so will create a slightly different colour on everybones lips. They are enriched with wild mango butter and luffa cylindrica to give continuous hydration for up to 24 hours and can be worn as a base to lipsticks or by themselves.
They wear off naturally and can be worn with lip liner. Have an SPF of 10.
The colours and textures available are;
001 Pink (original); 004 Coral; 005 Lilac; 006 Berry; 007 Raspberry; 008 Ultra-Pink; 009 Holo Purple, (Holographic); 010 Holo Pink, (Holographic); 101 Matte Pink; 102 Matte Raspberry.
Lip Glow Dewy Lip Balm, 007 Raspberry. (Limited Edition)
Raspberry is a gorgeous reddish pink. Glides on like a balm without being sticky. In fact, these balms are not sticky or heavy either. They give a gorgeous slip and add shimmer to the lips, while also giving a slight plumped look as well. I get a transparent reddish pink to my lips with this shade and sadly, this one is limited edition.

This one will be ideal for Spring/Summer months to replace the Berry shade i have been wearing during winter.
Lip Glow Dewy Lip Balm 006 Berry.
I re-purchased this one because i loved the first one i bought. Balms very rarely impart any real colour to the lips however, this one gives a gorgeous mauvish deep pink shade to my lip. Ideal for Autumn/ Winter months and to give the lip a bit of life. Again, great dewy finish with a plumping effect.

Lip Glow Holographic Lip Balm, 010 Holo Pink.
This is the original pink shade that has undergone a transformation. It has a duo tone of shimmer going on that is quite beautiful. At my age, its all about making my lips look a bit younger. This does the trick.

The lipstick itself is pink and then turns slightly coral in other light with pink, silver and green micro shimmers. Really beautiful and very different. It is very similar to the highlighter that Dior has in this collection. That is pink and then turns gold in another light. I can’t wait to wear this in the warmer months when the sun hits off the shimmers. It gives a more frosty finish in ambient light.

Above left; without any product; right, with 007 Raspberry Lip Glow. 
My Favourite.
Berry is my favourite because it gives the most amount of colour to my lips in one swipe however, Holo Pink gives a lovely sparkly finish that i can use on its own or on top of another lipstick.
Final Verdict.
Dior lip glow lip balms don’t come cheap but the one thing i love about them above some other balms out there is; they come in a lipstick form and not in a pot you constantly have to dip your fingers into.
I love the various shades and finishes. I was not enamoured with the matte one i tried because, i just didn’t get the matte thing within a balm and it looked a lot like a patchy, dry lipstick on my lips. Not one i would buy.

They don’t sit heavy or sticky on the lips and feel quite comfortable. They will wear off when eating food or drinking hot drinks. That is to be expected with any lip product though.
Yes, i will buy again and i have done. Reason being is i can wear them in work and they can be applied without using a mirror; if they go over the lip line, they won’t look stupid and who can go wrong with a lip balm in the cooler months! They actually do stop my lips drying out and cracking and look great at the same time.
Dior Capture Totale Youth Serum.

When i bought the lip balms, i was given two of the new Youth Serums in Glow Booster and Plump filler. Normally, i’m not really bothered about the skin care because the sample sizes are not enough to reveal a noticeable difference in the skin. WRONG! The glow booster really does give the skin a subtle glow and works wonders under the new Dior Undercover Foundation, giving a healthy, not-so-matte finish.
The plumping one really did smooth my skin out. I even put some around my eyes. It will never fill in deep lines; however, it did diminish them and sorted out all the fine ones. Brilliant! This is next on my hit list.
Which lip balm is your favourite? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉