Dior Airflash Spray Foundation, 200……………………Airbrushed Perfection.

Hi Everyone,
I have just finished my Dior Star foundation after many months and already bought a new one. It is probably one of the nicest luminous matte foundations i use during the Autumn/Winter months.
Spring is here and summer is not far behind. I find this foundation isn’t long wearing for me during the summer months because my skin is much oilier.

This means i have been looking for a new foundation to try.
I have read a few reviews about the Dior Airflash foundation. Even Wayne Goss has given it a positive mention !!! He is very right in saying it gives a beautiful airbrushed finish to the skin. I have to agree with him there.
Being low on foundations, this has given me the chance to try it out.

Initial Thoughts.
The foundation is housed in a tin can with a very generous 70ml of product. (Whether this weight includes the air in the can is yet to be determined).
It has no scent at all. I personally don’t mind the Dior and Chanel fragrance added to their products; however, i understand those that don’t like it.
Has no alcohol, parabens and no SPF.
It costs roughly the same as most other high end foundations.
It comes with instructions on how to apply the product.

My favourite Airflash Application method. 
Dior recommend that you shake up the can for approx. 15 seconds and then hold the can 20cm away from the face, spray over the entire face. Then allow to set.
I don’t ever intend to use it that way. This will lead to foundation all over your hair and clothing/furniture. Also wastage of product.
The best way i have found to apply it is; with the nozzle of the can very close to the bristles of a full coverage foundation brush, spray a small amount over the surface of the brush and then apply using a circular motion from the centre of the face outwards.
I have to spray my brush 3 times to give a very nice coverage to my face and underneath my chin. (Much less than traditional liquid foundation)
The foundation sets down very quickly and gives the skin a luminous matte finish. I didn’t need to use a setting powder and even though the foundation sets, it didn’t highlight any lines on my face. MAGICAL! (I swear, i’m not making that up).
The application is very quick, which is great when you have limited time getting ready for work and my redness was completely covered. I still used concealer under the eyes and also on larger blemishes.

Above left without foundation and right; with. I also have mascara on and Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, 550 Tease on lips in right picture (Nothing else). My skin has been good this month so, it is difficult to see how good this foundation covers; however, it has worked well with the redness around my nose.  
Final Thoughts. 
I remember this foundation being introduced approx. 9 years ago and i’s still going strong. This is how successful it obviously is and; the reason why i’m going all out in saying this is one of the best foundations i have used yet.
The ease of application and setting time is excellent and no fixing powder is needed at all.
If you want a super light application, the best way is to apply straight from the can to your face. It will set instantly; however, you will need to keep your hair and clothing protected while doing this.
The foundation can be built up to a very heavy coverage if required. I don’t like to see foundation at all on my skin or sitting in my pores. This ticks that box and yet; gives fantastic, illuminous airbrushed cover. (Be careful if you have dry patches on the skin because it sticks to them. Exfoliate if you need to).
I would say one negative is, Dior have a limited amount of shades available, so not all shades may suit everyone. 200/beige claire is my exact skin match because i have fairly pale, yellow toned skin. I would have preferred a slightly warmer shade but there isn’t one so, i just go heavier with the bronzing p0wder instead.
Time will tell how long this foundation will last with every day use, (this is my first purchase). I usually get up to 3 months from the Star foundation. I will report back on this.
Have you ever tried this foundation? Let me know your thoughts. Take care and i will see you all soon 😉