Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks Spring/Summer 2017………….. 924; 877; 684; 550 Swatches.

Hi Everyone,
I’m so excited to share the new Dior Lacquer Lipstick swatches for Spring/Summer 2017 with you.  I have been waiting for these for what seems like forever.
I do love Dior Addict lipsticks and started using them a few years ago when Kate Moss headed up the media campaign; in fact, i bought the very lipstick she wore in the tv advert. (Diorkiss) A beautiful pink . Since then, i have tried various formulas by Dior in the Addict range and loved them all. This new range is no exception, i just love all the shades and will have trouble picking which ones to buy.
The New Dior Addict.
The new range consists of 4 categories of lipstick. The formula is said to be a liquid shine that works with your own lip. Weightless and non-sticky and wears for 6 hours. The complete shade range below is for the UK/Europe Market.

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, creates the 4 colour trends of the season inspired by the most emblematic L.A. spots and bathed in the light of the West Coast:samples-of-dior-addict-lacquer-sticks
PASTEL Whites infused with pink, lavender, coral and peach pigments evoke a Californian postcard from the fifties.
NEON A pop spectrum that draws its energy from the heart of the City of Angels.
CLASSIC Red Carpet reds and pinks with Hollywood glamour.
WILD Neo-nudes and browns that flirt with grunge.

A base almost twice as sheer as a classic lipstick** for colour with unprecedented shine. A palette of 18 colour creations, ranging from the highly experimental to the most timeless, all with surprising intensity and vibrancy, including 4 emblematic it-shades: Turn Me Dior, Diabolo, Sauvage, Tease.


Tease, Diabolo, Turn Me Dior and Sauvage.

The above four shades are currently available as a sample card from Dior and i am swatching them for this post and giving my general thoughts as per usual. This includes one lipstick from each category.

550 Tease. (Pastel)
A gorgeous beige/pink which will be great for a nude day look. Again, i own nothing like this shade in my collection. It is a nice wearable day wear shade that is going to suit most with paler skin tones. Great with a smokey eye.
It has a candy scent to this one and is quite soft and easy to apply out of the pot. I do like this but it isn’t unique enough for me to buy it. Lovely and shiny though.
684 Diabolo. (Neon).
In the neon range, this one is a fuchsia based pink; very shocking pink, infact. I have a few shades of lipstick similar to this, (Chanel Rouge Allure, Exalte; DiorAddict, Be Dior; NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, Carthage).
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Fuchsia shades because i think it looks lovely when i first apply it with a nude eye. Later on in the day, i feel it looks a bit messy and tarty on my lips.  I do love the shock/neon factor of Diabolo though.
I wore this all day in work and it wore very well and didn’t go patchy in places at all. Which happens a lot with this type of shade on my lips after a few hours wear.

877 Turn Me Dior. (Classic)


Worn by Jennifer Lawrence in the media campaigns, this is a classic blue-based red shade or is it? Very cool toned and certainly classic.
dior-addict-lacquer-stick-swatch-877-turn-me-diorWhen i applied it, i thought it wore as a pink/red on my lip and yet; when i photographed it, it was a blue/red in the photo’s. I still think it wears pink/red on me and it’s a gorgeous very wearable shade. I think i will buy this shade in full size. It also is very glossy on the lip and comfortable.
This reminds me of the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss lipstick, 18 Séduction. A beautiful wearable pink/red.
24 Sauvage. (Wild)
A deep chocolate shade and nothing at all like any other shade i own in my whole collection of 65+ lipsticks. (I know, shameful!)
The thindior-addict-lacquer-stick-sample-palette-2017g is, this is beautiful and very glossy on the lip. It had the hardest texture in the pot but once applied became very glossy and soft wearing quickly.
This shade would be fantastic on very pale, porcelain or darker skin tones. It’s too dark on me!
Final Thoughts.
I’m smitten with the Dior Addict lipsticks and have never had a single complaint about any shade or the consistency of the product. The packaging of Dior lipsticks is beautiful and; who can’t resist pulling one of them out of your purse to show off!
The consistency of the lacquer sticks is very soft and glides easily over the lip. I noticed the lipstick clung to some of the dry bits on my lipswatches-of-all-four-shades-of-dior-addict-lacquer-sticks, so exfoliate lip first before applying. It wasn’t a big deal anyway. The camera picked it up; however, the naked eye doesn’t.
I wore the neon pink 684 Diabolo for work to see if 6 hours wear is really true. Well, yes actually it is.
The lips become mirror-like and very glossy (see swatches above right and above)
It does eventually set and matte down slightly after 3 hours wear so, you can either, re-apply lipstick to get the gloss back or; you could add a touch of lip balm and this will bring the moisture and gloss back to.
I atebeautiful-fluffy my lunch, had coffee and a glass of water and it stayed put with a bit of minor fade in the very centre of my lips to which; i added a touch more lipstick to correct.
me-with-dior-airflash-foundation-200-and-dior-addict-lacquer-stick-550-teaseThis is one seriously long lasting lipstick; however, the gloss will only last a couple of hours. Minor touch ups means, a lipstick which is going to last far longer in the tube than the balm-like ones with a great amount of slip, which you constantly need to re-apply.
I think this is the best Addict lipstick reinvention yet and the black packaging with neon pink strip is a very nice touch. Good luck trying to walk past the counter without wanting at least one.
Take care and i will see you all soon 😉