5 of My Sunday Best………….Health & Beauty.

Hi Everyone,
Yes, i did miss October favourites. Tbh! I’m getting a little bored with rounding up favourites each month and have decided to just do a random post now and again on what i love at the moment. Hence, my 5 of Sunday best.
It just seems more of a natural post to write. Sometimes my favourites can often be the same monthly and that inevitably, becomes a bit boring to read and write about.
So, here are 5 random things i’m enjoying now.
M&S Merinotec Thermal Base Layer Top.
Great base layer tops cost upwards of £40+. They are worth every penny because, they usually have a high wool content, contain the technology that keeps them thin, breathable and extremely comfortable to wear. They will also deflect sweat away from the body to keep you super warm.
Well! M&S has got in on the act and come up with a small range of base layer tops that are seriously as good as any branded sports wear base layer tops out there and at a cool £25.00.
I have been wearing mine in the cold winter mornings while running, for the past six weeks now and i have to say, its fantastic.
I don’t sweat in it, it feels great to wear and it washes beautifully. If you use base layer tops then click on the link below while they are still available.
Speedo Swimming Costume.
I have just treated myself to a new swimming costume by Speedo.
I plan to up my game in January with regards to my fitness. I usually run two- three times weekly, aqua run once/twice weekly and hand weights every other day.
I will take up extra swimming one day a week and i plan to try out a spinning class too.
My special holiday will be next September and i plan to be one dress size less again by then. Even though i have lost a lot of weight from what i used to be, i still want to have toned up a bit more too.
I love Speedo because they use clorine resistant material to make the costumes and my last one has lasted over 4 years and still hasn’t gone thin. I am just changing it because i bought it when i was a stone heavier and; it’s too big now. Whoop! Again, they are very comfortable to wear and i have tried out other brands and they never last as long; so inevitably, i always go back to Speedo.
Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder, Cruel Gardinia.
Guerlain Iridescent Highlighting Powder Cruel Gardeniaguerlain-illuminating-highlighter-cruel-gardenia-swatch
This is such a beautiful highlighter. It gives a great strobing effect too. I can’t believe Guerlain made this one limited edition. They need to re-release it.
The colour is a very pearlescent pale pink that works with my pale skin tone. This one would suit pretty much every skin tone worn with a pink based blush. It stays put all day and gives a lovely glow to the skin. A real winner. Great in summer and winter too.
Illusion D’ombre Single Eyeshadow, 128 Rouge Brulee.
Chanel Rouge Brulee in direct sunlightChanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Creme BruleeChanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Rouge Brulee Swatch
Fall 2016 Look FOTDI was a bit apprehensive about trying out the new formula Illusion D’Ombre. I have to admit, i loved the previous formula and still get a lot of wear out of the ones i still own.
I just love this new warm coppery orange shade so much. It’s very pigmented and blends out lovely. Goes great with most shades of browns/coppers and even purple eyeshadows. A great choice for winter. It is also a bit creamier than the previous version and not as glittery.
I have had a few issues with my running over the past year. I have had consistent tendinitis in my right ankle and it has set me back quite a bit.
I had to visit a Physio a few months ago and he gave me some great stretching exercises to do that seem to be slowly working.
youre-gonna-hear-me-roarThe irony of running is, you have to be physically strong in the hips and legs to do it in the first place and i’m slowly building the strength up now; to the point where, i’m up to 4k runs again, consistently. Just this past month i have been able to take it up a level and i’m so pleased.
It’s a very slow process and i am cross training more to allow for this.
There you have it 5 of my Sunday best. What are yours? Take care and i will see you all soon.;-)