Hi Everyone,
Just thought i would do a post reflecting on my year in 2017. I haven’t done as many beauty posts this year for various reasons and also; i am going to talk about other things to.
What beauty products did i buy?

The following photos above and below, are of my most favoured purchases during my holiday and in 2017. I thought i had bought mostly skincare, not more makeup.

My Dream Holiday.
It took a lot of saving up for and i had to curb the spending on beauty items along with that. Hence, less posts this year and probably 2018 too.

Anyway, i did the West Coast of the USA. A dream holiday for the past 20 years. It was a present to myself for my 50th Birthday. A real’ bucket list’ holiday of a lifetime.

Loved it and check out the photos. Highlights were; San Francisco, Santa Monica, Grand and Bryce Canyon, San Diego and Monument Valley.

I also went up to the Lake District earlier in March; Keswick, for a long weekend. It’s a lovely spot in the Lake District and very ‘chocolate box’ picturesque with the snow on the mountains and i did enjoy it.

My Career and Taking A Leap into The Unknown.
I had been in a mind numbing job for the past four and a half years up to November 2017. (One of the main reasons why i started my blog so i could use my brain somewhere along the way)!
I was beginning to give up on ever having a meaningful career again. I wasn’t 25 anymore and offers had dried up a couple of years ago so, i had resigned myself to the fact; this was it!
It was a steady job with low income, which offered a very good pension. I could stay there until i retired if i wanted to. (Dying a slow monotonous death with it). I was stuck in a rut.
I went on my holiday and that changed everything. Here i was, travelling on my own. Not one of the girls i worked with would have dared, or so they told me. Why couldn’t i apply that same verve to looking for work?
This made me realize that i still had balls and it was time to start living again. I saw my 36 year old brother fight tooth and nail to hold on to his last breath, until Cancer got the better of him. Wasn’t i somehow, being disrespectful to him?!!!
I got straight back to updating and posting my CV as soon as i got home. The time felt very right. My intention was so much stronger than previous times.
It’s funny how as soon as you become passionate about doing something, the universe responds in a very positive way.
Within a month i got a response! It was a small family run firm making sauces for the food industry and retail. Not my dream job, i thought. I had had my fill of family run firms. Making their own rules up; and operating below the radar as far as the law on treating employess was concerned.
They were looking for a Food Product Technologist. I applied reluctantly and; got the job. Did i accept it and take a leap of faith? I did. I had this feeling i was going to regret it if i didn’t. Mmmm! Little did i know!!!
Anyway, that small family firm has just sold to a global company. It just goes to show. It’s what i had actually wanted all along. It just presented itself from left field. Who knew it was going to be an incredible opportunity?
Not only that, the staff i work with are all just great. They consist of all nationalities and different parts of the UK too. A super nice bunch. I feel very blessed.
What’s next.
I have no firm plans for 2018. It’s a, ‘go with the flow’ year. Obviously, things will change with this new firm so, one day at a time.
I am currently decorating the house and going to save up for a car for next year; maybe do some small trips in the UK along the way.
As my job is now food based, i cannot wear a lot of makeup anymore so, i will be buying only necessary items such as; foundation, mascara, lip balm products and skin care.
Any new things i buy which i haven’t reviewed will get reviewed and i still will wear plenty of makeup outside the work place.
My blog is running out of space! I knew this would happen eventually. They only give you a certain amount of free space and then you have to pay after that. That means at some point i will become a .com. I will need to let you all know because you tend to lose your followers in the transition. I noticed that with a few others that have taken the plunge. It either has to be that or i have to start another blog somewhere else, which i don’t want to do. Or, give it up altogether and i don’t want to do that either.
I want to keep up with my photography as well, when i get the opportunity. I also love knitting. I did the snood above, over my Christmas break because it was so cold. Its a good thing i don’t have kids really!
I hope you will all stick with me and that you will have a great 2018. It is nice to hear from you and i always love the comments.
Take care and i will see you along the way. 😉