Chanel Rouge Matte Lipstick Haul 2018………..Eternally Invincible!

Hi Everyone,

I love lipsticks and Chanel have recently released the mini rouge matte collection of lipsticks for 2018. This includes two new formulas to the line; Rouge Allure Velvet Extrème and Rouge Allure Liquid Powder. I bought two lip products. One from each new line.

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrème Intense Matte Lip Colour, 118 Éternel.

This one is a lot like the velvet matte formula with a more intense pigment.

The casing is all black with the typical rouge allure classic packaging only this time, it is matte in appearance. The tube barrel is also black.

Éternel is a gorgeous dusky/nude pink. Not too bright and great for day wear or with a solid eye colour. It will be ideal for light to medium skin tones.

Very pigmented and long wearing, this lipstick feels comfortable on the lips. I thought that the matte appearance did age my heavily lined lips slightly and exfoliating the lips is going to be necessary, because the colour does attach itself to the dry areas a little. There was no bleeding on the outer lip line.

I found that this was the only shade in the new range that wasn’t too bright in colour. I would have liked more options for day wear, but maybe they will come later on.

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder Liquid Matte Lip Colour Powder Effect, 956 Invincible.

This new lip colour is very intriquing. The liquid formula which contains JoJoba oil. It then dries down to a powder on the lips and is long wearing.

I like the squeezy tube packaging which is coloured in the shade it comes in. It has a sponge applicator and the product squeezes through the sponge directly onto the lips.

This formula contains a good range of varying shades and i loved this cool toned red.

What I really love about this lip colour is; you can wear it as a hint of colour to the lips without it being very obvious you’re wearing any lip product at all or; you can intensify it by building to a full lip colour.

What i found a touch weird was; it feels a touch drying on my lips when i apply the full intense amount. Its hard to describe.

Its great to wear with a red lip gloss over to intensify it. Although, i get that it defeats the object a bit.

Final Thoughts.

Theres a lot to like about both formulas of these lip products.

I like the rouge velvet extreme because its highly pigmented and feels very comfortable on the lips. The colour range is quite limited though.

I like the liquid powder because it can be worn without being obvious and this will be great for people who cannot wear makeup in a work environment and want to add a touch of colour to the lips. This is its real value!

The intensity can be easily built up and; there is a great range of shades already available. I did feel it was a tad drying on my lips though.

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉