Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks 2015 Review………….402 Adrienne; 416 Coco; 426 Roussy; 440 Arthur and 452 Emilienne!

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to be trying out the new formulation Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks well before their release date.

They are not due for release in the UK until March 13th or thereabouts; however, i got hold of a sample 5 colour palette to try from my lovely Chanel SA, Chris.

Chanel New Formula Rouge Coco Lip Palette

I shall give you my first impressions on each shade and do plenty of swatches so, by the time they are released, you will have a good idea of what the 5 shades are like from the 24 new ones available.

Chanel New Formula R C Lipsticks Sample Palette

To see all the shades available, click here.

Here are the shades i will be reviewing.

  • 402 Adrienne
  • 416 Coco
  • 426 Roussy
  • 440 Arthur
  • 452 Emilienne

Let’s get on with it then!

Chanel R C Sample Palette 2015

The New Formula

What is different about the new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks? They are more hydrating and dramatic in colour pigmentation. One swipe will give great colour and two swipes will give maximum colour.

The 24 new shades are separated into 5 groups.

REDS with names of Coco’s lovers; NUDES names of family members; BRIGHT CORALS, muses; PINKS, her best friends and; Artists are honoured by DEEP PLUMS.

Each shade i’m reviewing is one of the shades available in each of the 5 groups.

402 Adrienne

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 402 AdrienneChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Adrienne Swatched on lipsChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Adrienne Swatch

A ‘your lips but better’ shade. A pinky beige nude. If you own the Chanel lip defining pencil in natural, this is the exact shade in the lipstick. Great for a smoky eye or for a natural look. It didn’t wash me out like some pale nude lipsticks can but personally, i don’t really do nude looks very often. Will suit light to medium toned skin. Chanel Cognito and Silhouette is a slightly deeper brown based nude.

 416 Coco

Chanel New Formulla R C Lipstick 416 CocoChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 416 Coco Swatched on lipsChanel 416 Coco Swatch from New Rouge Coco Lipsticks

An orange lipstick with a touch of red. Very warm toned and bright, not really for me! Reason being is that it’s too warm toned for my off white teeth. Very similar to Dior Addict lipstick, 611 Cruise. Cruise has more of a pink than red base.Dior Addict 611 Cruise and Chanel Rouge Coco 416 Coco swatches

Highly pigmented and lasted for hours on my lips. Very opaque shade. If you love warm orange/reds, this is for you. Great for most skin tones. Right picture is Dior Addict 611 Cruise on the left and Chanel Rouge Coco, 416 Coco.

426 Roussy

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 426 RoussyChanel Rouge Coco 426 Roussy Swatched on LipsChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 426 Roussy Swatch

DSC_0101This is a stunning rosy pink. I’m so in love. Very opaque and simply beautiful. I love pinks, as you may have noticed! This is Seduisante with Umph! A gorgeous mid toned pink that is going to be great in the Spring and Summer. I will be buying this. Very pigmented and lasts a long time on the lips. Will be great for light to mid toned skin and is similar in shade to the Rouge Coco Shine Rendez-Vous pictured. Roussy is on the left and Rendez-vous is on the right.

440 Arthur

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 440 ArthurChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 440 Arthur Swatched on lipsChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 440 Arthur Swatched

Another absolute beauty. Think classic red and you have Arthur. It’s a slightly blue based very shiny red shade.  A real ‘night out’ shade and statement lip. It makes my teeth appear more whiter than what they actually are. Great shine to this shade and very opaque. If there’s one red you have to own, it’s Arthur. Va Va Voom!

Diorific Diva is similar but has more of a blue base. Chanel Rouge Allure, Pirate is still the true blue based red though.

452 Emilienne

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 452 EmilienneChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 452 Emilienne Swatched on lipsChanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 452 Emilienne Swatched

This is a really unique shade and i think it’s going to be very popular because of it’s uniqueness and because this shade is going to suit every skin tone too. A deep maroon/slight mauve base with an iridescent pink finish. So lovely and this one lasted hours on my lips. Even when it started to wear off, my lips were still left with a beautiful shade of pink to them. It also made my blue eyes pop.

This shade is quite similar to the Guerlain Rouge Automatique shade, 660 Illusion only with a bit more of a plum edge to it. Very beautiful and this one is on my hit list.

Chanel New Formula Rouge Coco Lipsticks Swatched in Direct Sunlight

Above are all lipsticks swatched and photographed in direct sunlight. Below left is 416 Coco and below right is 452 Emilienne in direct sunlight.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 416 CocoMy Final Thoughts

All lipsticks had a creamy texture to them, while still giving lips great colour pigmentation and opaqueness. I still think the new formula Rouge Coco lipstick stays true to it’s original in that they last so long on the lips; however, i do think the new shades are much brighter and slightly creamier in texture, lovely infact.

If you want a water-like, deeply hydrating lipstick though; you should buy Rouge Coco Shines instead; however, if you want high impact lips with maximum staying power, the new Rouge Coco lipsticks are going to impress you.

The only problem i have with the new Rouge Coco lipsticks is, how many i want to buy. Ahhhh!Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 452 Emilienne in direct sunlight

Have you managed to try them out yet? Which ones do you like? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉