Charlotte Tilbury Haul…..The Magic of JK and Jen K.I.S.S.I.N.G!

Hi Everyone,

My love affair with lipstick still lives on with a vengeance so, how could i pass on this beautiful collection?

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Lipstick collection 2019.

I did buy one of the original Hot Lips lipsticks; ‘Liv it Up’. Which was a pale-ish pink. I foolishly let the SA talk me into this shade and it just didn’t look good on me. It almost put me of CT lipsticks forever.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2. JK Magic

The new collection is gorgeous. A range of nudes to deep reds, which are all named after people with whom CT has found inspiration from.

I don’t really buy into marketing strategies in which products have to tell a story. I buy what i like the look and quality of. I do realize however, all the high end brands do it so, it is what it is.

I must say though. the quirkiness of the packaging and the fact that they are refillable is just fantastic. These lippies are gorgeous and the attention to detail is spot on. I love the lip print on the lipstick itself and the design of the bullet is quite ergonomic.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2. Glowing Jen.

I could buy the lot but, i have limited myself to just two which are, JK Magic and Glowing Jen.

The Lipsticks

First off, they are from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, which i didn’t like with the original one i bought. I felt my lips constantly stuck together. Strangley enough, it doesn’t happen with either of these two lipsticks. Great news!

This formula has a satin finish. Other shades in this range come in the matte formula.

Both are very long wearing and very opaque.

There are other shades i liked in this collection and the packaging is a lovely Art Deco design CT likes to use, with rose gold being her signature colour; however, there will be yet more new styles of lipsticks coming our way in the near future from many brands so, i will save some money for them.

JK Magic.

Named after J.K Rowling. I bought this one online and when it came, i couldn’t believe how light it looked in the tube. I thought i had made a huge mistake.

The packaging is black and rose gold with a constellation of stars and half moons. Seriously, i love it.

When i applied this, it was that perfect shade of nude with enough warmth and depth to make a great day/work lipstick. In fact, it is a warm pink nude not unlike Chanel Mademoiselle. Maybe has a touch of coral thrown in too.

Above are swatches of comparisons i own. From left to right; Jk Magic; Chanel Rouge Coco 432 Cecile; Chanel Rouge Allure 06 Silhouette (disc.); Chanel Rouge Coco 47 Escapade/Desert Rose (Now Mademoiselle); Dior Rouge Dior 434 Promenade and; Chanel Rouge Coco Adrienne. If you own Dior 434 Promenade already, this is pretty much the exact match.

Glowing Jen.

This one is much deeper. A tawny rose with a very 90’s vibe. I think everyone wore this shade in the 90’s at some point.

The packaging is black animal print on a rose gold background.

I do like it however; it does feel like a throwback. I must admit, i do not have any other shade really like it so, this is where it is unique.

I have a few lipsticks similar and they are above as follows; Left to right; Glowing Jen; Chanel Rouge Coco 156 Great Copper (disc.); Chanel Rouge Allure 75 Amusing (disc.); Rouge Dior Ultra Dior 587 Ultra Appeal and; Chanel Rouge Allure 33 Fabulous (disc.). None are really close in match to Glowing Jen.

Final Thoughts.

The lipsticks themselves are very opaque with a decent amount of wear. The formula offers a comfortable feel on the lip although, i do feel very aware of wearing the lipstick until it wears off.

I love the packaging and it is very tempting to buy other shades just to get the other designs. You could also buy the packaging you love most and just refill with your favourite colour to. I will be sticking with these.

Did you manage to pick any up of this new collection from Charlotte Tilbury?

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉