Chanel Rouge Coco Flash…………..94 Désir.

Hi Everyone,

Do I need to tell anyone how much I love lipsticks? When Chanel decided to re-introduce the already lovely Rouge Coco Shines (now called Flash), i had to take a look.

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash 94 Desir

I managed to swatch the lot at the counter and thought the lighter shades where a lot like the original formula and the more intense colours are very different.

I would separate the new lip formulas into two groups; the balm-like shades that add minimum colour to lip and then the Intense colours, which are more shiny and pigmented.

I opted for 94 Désir. This is a blue-based fuschia pink that is very similar to another one i own in Rouge Coco Shine, 91 Bonheur. Swatches below right.

The New Rouge.

94 Desir on left and 91 Bonheur on the right

I am led to believe that they have kept a couple of the classic big selling shades, such as Boy; however, most are new to the range and some of the more intense shades are very beautiful.

There are three additional toppers added to the new line. These are; an illuminating top coat that gives a sparkling shine. A deeper shade to tone down the lip colour and; a brightening shade to add a touch of brightness.

I do own a brightening shade in the Rouge Coco Shine, 74 Parfait, which is a mother of pearl with golden microshimmer and; Guerlain La Petit Robe Rouge in, 001 My First Lipstick, which is a lovely sparkling translucent pink. I use both of these lipsticks as toppers. See below photo.

Initial Thoughts.

The packaging and size is very identical to the original RCS; however, it now has a clear top so you can sort of see the colour through it. The double C’s hamper that a bit.

The formula has more mineral oils and is very comfortable to apply and feels lovely on the lips. Its hard to believe i’m saying this but the original had a touch of drag and the Flash has none. Not that its a huge deal to me; they both are nice. The biggest difference is, the new colour applies with no patchiness whatsoever, whereas; the RCS would need to be applied a couple of times. The Flash do feel moisturising on the lip.

Rouge Coco Flash, 94 Desir.

An intense blue toned pink, i usually opt for cool colours because they make my teeth look a lot whiter than they are.

This is a deep fuschia rather than a bright one. Once the colour intensity wears off, it leaves a mild stain to the lip. 

See bottom right photo to compare with above left, which has just been applied.

Final Thoughts

Rouge Coco Shine, 91 Bonheur

The new Rouge Coco Flash do offer an alternative to wearing an intense lip colour and they do differ in formula to the original Rouge Coco Shine; however, the colour pay off is going to disappoint RCS lovers a little.

The downside of having more oil added to the formula is; they are not nearly as long lasting. The intensity of the colour wears off within minutes. The original intense colours of the RCS i own, lasted a touch longer, although i realize the RCS formula is not meant to be very long wearing.

The new formula offers a more comfortable wearing lip colour. It will wear off to a mild lip stain very quickly. There are 30 shades available, so everyone will find the shade they are looking for.

Rouge Coco Flash 94 Desir after 10 minutes on the lips.

Great to wear for day/work wear but stick to Rouge Coco/Rouge Allure lipsticks for the night out.

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉