The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag.

Hi Everyone,

I lifted this tag from Dandygal’s blog and think it’s a great one to do and loved her choices too. So here goes:

1. Greed.      What’s your most expensive beauty item?

My Chanel mini brush collection. I love them. In fact, i love them so much i have never used the brushes. It’s too nice a set to ruin and i have the full sizes of each brush as well. So a bit of a indulgence really.

Chanel Brush CollectionChanel Mini Brush CollectionChanel Mini Brushes

When they came into store, they sold out in days and i’m so glad i was one of the lucky few to get my hands on one. Another great point is, the brushes have the same quality bristles as the full size versions, unlike some other brands who offer a substandard version of them in their mini sets, which is annoying.

2. Wrath.      What Item do you have a strong love/hate relationship with?

Exhalte without gloss(1)

My Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick, 93 Exalte. It’s a really bright Fucsia Pink and i love the shade. I think it is a bit too intense for my skin tone though and it annoys me so much. So i have worn it once and felt very self conscious when i did. A bad spend really!

3. Gluttony.  What brand takes up most of your collection?

My Eyeshadow Drawer

That’s real easy. Chanel! I own a lot of it and i add to the collection all the time. i do; however, use it all as well, so money well spent in my opinion. You only need to look at my many other posts to read what i love about Chanel. Yes, i do intend to tidy out my drawer at some point!!

4. Sloth.     What product do you ignore the most due to laziness?

Face Masks

Face masks. I just don’t have the patience to sit and wait for them to work. I do use them once a fortnight or so though to keep my skin clean and healthy looking.

5.  Pride.      What product gives you the most confidence?

My eye without mascaraLancome Definicils Mascara(2)

Mascara without a doubt. I have incredibly pale lashes so when i don’t wear any mascara, you cannot see them at all. When i do though, they look great and i am very lucky to have long,  ‘easy to curl’ lashes in abundance. They are my thing and i never leave the house without mascara on.

6.  Lust.        What item is at the top of your list?

I must admit, as far as makeup is concerned, i have a lot. I do need a very good camera though and intend to buy one this year.A Sony a65 is on my wish list. I would like Chanel Sublimage Yeux too.

7.  Envy.       Which makeup product/look looks great on others but not on you?

Dior Mono Wet and Dry Eyeshadow 240 Mariniere

Blue eyeshadow. I have tried many times to pull off blue but it just doesn’t do a thing for me. It looks great on so many people and terrible on me. I have blue/grey eyes and it only looks good if i put a tiny bit on with grey and purple eyeshadows, but never as a single main colour.

There you have it. I also tag everyone to do this post. Let us know your seven deadly sins of beauty too. Until next time, have fun and take care. 😉