My Christmas Beauty Gift Guide for 2018…………Stuff Those Stockings!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry this post is a little late with my choices for Christmas gift ideas 2018.

It is quite difficult to pick out gifts which would be apt for everyone and i think the choices i have made will come close to making anyone happy.

These are what i believe is worth buying and what i have bought.

Lancôme Definicils Mascara Gift Set.

I have two mascaras in my guide this year. Both from Lancôme.

I buy this gift set most years. Inside you get a full size mascara with a deluxe sample size bi-facil eye makeup remover and black kohl eye pencil. I never use the pencil but do use the other two, still making it worth the money.

It makes a great gift for any makeup lover and these gifts are available in all Lancôme’s mascaras. They are a nice quite reasonably priced gift idea.

The mascara itself lifts and separates the lashes. with its thin wand. No clumping whatsoever.

Chanel Le Lion De Chanel Highlighter. (LE)

I think this is one of the most beautiful highlighters, even for Chanel. It is a gorgeous pale warm gold in tone and gives a luminous finish without being too stobe-like. It still gives that slight wet finish with its super finely milled powder. Full post for Chanel Holiday Libre Collection is here

Every skin tone will suit this shade, so no need to think about how it will look on the person you are buying it for and; Chanel do the most amazing gift wrapping. This is a special gift anybody would gladly receive.

Chanel No 5 Body Oil.

If you know anybody who loves Chanel No 5 Or No 5 L’Eau, this is a must have. It is limited edition and a lovely fragrance within a dry body oil.

It comes in a 200ml sized frosted glass bottle and the fragrance leaves a lasting scent without being overpowering. This is not so strong in aldehydes but is a touch sweeter in fragrance therefore; can be used with all No 5 fragrances to enhance them.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara.

Monsieur Big is a pretty phenomenal mascara for fat and long lashes. It has replaced Dior Extase for me. M Big is a fantastic replacement with its huge 10ml of product and fat wand that delivers an impact with it’s false lash effect.

This year, Lancôme have given it a little holiday feel with its sparkling pink packaging, making it an ideal stocking filler. I love it!

Dior Backstage Brush Set. (LE)

Dior release this collection every year for the holiday and with good reason. They are an excellent mini versions of their full size brushes in a travel friendly case. In fact, these brushes are ideal for travel.

One thing i do love about them is; they are the equivalent in quality to their full size equivalents. Some companies do not offer the same quality in the mini versions, which i think is unforgivable.

This selection gives you a face brush, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeshader and lip brush. The case also contains a zipped side pocket and another section where you can put makeup or further brushes. A great gift for yourself or anyone who loves makeup.

Roger & Gallet Perfumed Soap. (Sandalwood)

A great little stocking filler is the Roger & Gallet soap. This is no ordinary soap. The packaging is stunning in itself and i love the very strong fragrance of sandalwood.

Roger & Gallet do many other fragranced soaps and they either come in a box of three or, single ones in its own soap dish.

The soap does last for quite some time and has a process of being triple milled to protect the skin. Another stocking filler delight.

Chanel No5/ No5 L’Eau in Red.

I do not have this at the moment but i’m still debating whether to buy it. I do have No 5 L’Eau, so i would have to buy the No 5 fragrance within this gorgeous red bottle instead.

I think Chanel have stated that they are not going to repeat this colour again. This will make it a true collectors item worth owning, if you buy to collect. I personally don’t. It will also make an amazing gift for those who are avid fans of Chanel. If you can still get it!

Chanel sell a bottle of No5 every 15 seconds worldwide and it’s still the statement iconic fragrance from the brand.

Guerlain Météorites Electric Pearls. Light Revealing Pearls of Powder.

If you know anyone who collects these gorgeous and very unique pearls of finishing powders or; they have never owned one themselves, these are a great gift.

The powder consists of 4 types of coloured pearls with different finishes; matte, satin and glitter.

The idea is that you run your brush across all four balls and then use them as a finishing powder. You can also take one and use at precise points on the face.

This years choice; electric pearls are a little bit more special to me. This time they have added a bronzing ball to the mix. They give an extra touch of colour to the skin. 

They come in a seasonal gold tin and are limited edition for the season. Full review here.

These are my picks of holiday gifts for 2018. Hope you liked them.

Take care and I will see you all soon. 😉