Dior Pump N’ Volume Mascara Review………………..Gone Is The Extasy!!

Hi Everyone,
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you may have noticed that Dior and Peter Philips have just released their latest creation; a mascara you can pump in it’s rubberized tube to add volume to the lashes.

It currently has a heavy campaign over all social media to highlight this new concept in mascara application.
Obviously, being a massive fan of the Dior mascara’s for their quality and quantity of product, for their price, i had to buy myself one.
I am both elated and exceptionally disappointed all at the same time!!

The New Mascara.
It now comes in a rubberized tube which you can squeeze at the base to add more mascara to the wand, to create fat lashes.

It has a big brush head with soft plastic bristles which are quite small to capture every lash. (I do prefer the brush head of the Extase mascara to the plastic one on the new version. See further below right).

The formula of the mascara itself is a typical thickish formula, not unlike the Extase mascara and is supposed to give dramatic full volume false lash effect lashes without clumping.
The Results.
I loved the first application.It applied quite easily with no fuss. It gives nice volume, lengthening and curling to my lashes. Not unlike Dior Extase in fact and if you stop there, its fab.
Second coat and things start to get tricky. It becomes quite clumpy and even though i brushed through my lashes with an eye lash wand, it still gave my lashes a thick clumpy looking finish. Not the look i wanted to achieve really.
The one great thing about it is, it doesn’t smudge at all. That is really a plus point for me and i had it on while sobbing, when the Dior SA told me that Extase was being discontinued, lol.

Above; One coat of Dior Pump N’ Volume on one eye and; One coat of Dior Extase Mascara on the other eye. Which do you think is which?
Above and below; i have both the Dior Pump N’ Volume on one eye and Dior Extase on the other eye. Can you tell which is which?

Above; Two coats of Dior Pump N’ Volume on one eye and; Two coats of Dior Extase Mascara on the other eye. Which is which??
The Tear Jerker!
It had to come!!!! Dior have decided to discontinue my beloved Extase mascara in place of this new one. I am gutted!
I have used Extase mascara for years and love it. It also came with a fabulous 10ml of product and here’s the other knife twister. The new one has only 6ml of product and is a pound more expensive. (Something the ‘rewarded’ bloggers/Youtubers failed to point out when reviewing this mascara).
If you are one of the people who buy your mascara every month, this will not phase you one bit. I buy my mascaras roughly every 3-4 months. Well, i guess i won’t be anymore!!! Ka-ching Dior!
The Final Verdict.
Besides the new mascara being a little ‘gimmicky’, (i just think the pumping thing is completely unnecessary) and 4ml’s lower in volume and more expensive; it clumps quite badly on the second coat.
It does however; give a very false lash effect, as it states and if that’s what you want to achieve; great! This is your mascara.
Me! I want really nice long, fuller, natural looking eyelashes.
Pictured right; wearing Dior Pump N’ Volume and Dior Lacquer Stick lipstick, 882 Sassy.
I just can’t fall in love with Pump N’ Volume at all. What a shame. I will use it up and then look for an Extase replacement or; just buy up some on websites that still have it left in stock. If you loved Dior Extase, you might want to do the same. If you thought Extase was clumpy, don’t even bother with Pump N’ Volume. On the plus side; It’s a great mascara for a one coat application and doesn’t smudge at all.
Did you work out which mascara was on the left eye and which was on the right one??? Which do you prefer? I know which one i like best! Answers in comments please.
Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉