Holiday Favourites From Years Gone By……….Have a Beautiful Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

I love holiday collections. Beauty company’s just seem to pull out all the stops for them with fab palettes and great product quality. The packaging is always that little bit special as well.  This is the time of year i really don’t mind spending that bit extra because it really is worth it.

I Thought i would share all my beauty favourites from previous holiday collections of past years and what i still think about them now and how they’ve held up over the years too.

Holiday Favourites

I’m going to work in chronological order with products i have purchased over holiday seasons that i still own and use. I haven’t shared them all because this post would go on forever; however, i have shared the links so you can read any reviews on what i purchased in full.

Guerlain Les Ors Holiday 2010. Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder, Face & Body.

Guerlain Or Imperial Perfumed Face and Body Powder

A stunning bee shaped bottle with a sparkling perfume body/face powder with that classic violet scent. Wonderful and super luxurious. I am so glad i own this. Each year Guerlain release this style of body powder from their famous perfume range. I also own the Vol de Nuit Version too. They are fantastic.

Chanel Les Scintillances 2011. Poudre Universelle Libre. Féérie. Soft Shimmering Pink.

Chanel Loose Powder in FeerieChanel Feerie Swatch

My all time favourite face powder in general is from Chanel but this one is absolutely stunning and i still use it to this very day.

A soft pink powder with gold, green and pink sparkles. It’s gorgeous; a super fine powder, which can be applied to collar bone and cheek bones. Great for a night out or if you’re feeling a bit festive, (and i am) for day wear. These face powders never disappointed and you can buy them minus the sparkles too. review here.

Chanel Les Scintillances 2011. Rouge Allure Lipstick, Enivrée

Another beauty. I still have the tiniest bit left in the tube. I don’t wear it so much now because i don’t want it to run out. I wish i’d bought a couple of them but, alas it shall be in the beauty graveyard soon.  A lovely soft pink with pink sparkles. Review here.Chanel R A Enivree(1)

Guerlain Belle De Nuit Holiday 2011. Parure De Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush.

Guerlain Parure de Nuit PaletteGuerlain are another company that pull out all the guns when it comes to holiday collections. A lovely compact with a gorgeous face powder and blush inside in the shape of peacock feathers. It has that beautiful violet fragrance that is still going strong now. Wonderful!


Chanel Eclats du Soir 2012. Harmonie Du Soir Eyeshadow Quad.

I think i bought most of this collection. It was by far one of Chanel’s finest collection in my opinion. This quad was and still is a masterpiece of buttery soft smoothness. Beautiful colours and gorgeous to blend. They have remained the same to this day and i use them at least once every 4-6 weeks. I hope they release this formula eyeshadows again in the future. Review here.

DSC03304(1)Swatches of H du Soir

Chanel Eclats du Soir 2012. Joues Contraste Blusher, 73 Star Dust.

My favourite blusher by Chanel. It is very similar to the face powder Féérie, in a pressed form. Just a lovely sparkling blusher which i sometimes use over a deeper shade matte blush or as a cheek highlighter. I use this one so much, dreading it running out. Review here.

Chanel Star Dust BlushStar Dust Swatch

YSL Northern Lights Holiday 2012. Top Coat Premier Neige.

I haven’t bought too many products by YSL. This top coat is lovely and i still use it. Sadly another one that is on it’s way out. It’s a frosted top coat with pink and blue fine shimmer and it looks great over the top of any nail polish.

YSL Northern Lights Holiday 2012. 55 Golden Gloss, Arctic Blue.    

Essie with YSL(1)I love this unique lip gloss. Blue with large round dots of different colours. It adds a real impact to the lips. I am not so fond of the taste on it though but it moisturizes the lips very well.

DSC02143(1)YSL Arctic BlueExhalte with gloss(2)

Chanel Nuit Inifinie de Chanel 2013. Illusion D’Ombre Fatal.

I do really like the Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows and own quite a few. This one is a plum/mauve shade with silver sparkles. It stays put all day and i do use NARS eye primer underneath it. I enjoy all the shades i own and wear them regularly. Review here.Chanel Illusion Dombre Fatal


Chanel Nuit Infinie de Chanel 2013. Le Vernis, 667 Rouge Rubis.

A gorgeous perfect red nail colour which is ideal for the holiday season. One of the most beautiful shades i own by Chanel. Neither blue or orange toned, just a perfect red. Great holiday colour. Review here.

Rouge RubisChanel 677 Rouge Rubis Swatch

Guerlain Crazy Paris Holiday 2013. Rouge Automatique Lipstick, 660 Illusion.

Well i learned my lesson with these limited edition holiday collections and purchased two of these amazing lipsticks. I cannot describe the quality of these Rouge Automatique lipsticks, they are simply fantastic. Water-like feel to the lips with the staying power of a richer formula. I don’t know how Guerlain do it. I am nearly out of this gorgeous blue based fuchsia shade and i have another one to start. Yipee! I even love the way it opens and closes too. Review here.Close up of Guerlain Rouge Automatique 660 Illusion

Dior Golden Winter Holiday 2013. 5 Coleurs Eyeshadow Palette, Golden Snow.

I never paid much attention to Dior holiday collections of the past. Reason being is that a lot of them were travel compact based. Not my cup of tea. Last year though, they really upped their game to compete with the big names and i was stunned by their holiday collection. (I love this years too).

I managed to get hold of these beautiful eyeshadows just the nick of time. They sold out so fast. Every time i wear this one and that’s almost every week, i just get amazing comments on my eyes. It just has the perfect colours for my blue/grey eyes. Sparkling white, pale satin pink, charcoal matte, lilac/purple and golden glitter all blend beautifully and give my eyes a dramatic, yet subtle look. Review here.

Dior 5 Coleur Eyeshadow Palette 644 Golden SnowDior 5 Coleurs Eyeshadow Palette Golden Snow With Flash(1)Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette Golden Snow Swatches in Daylight

There was just a snap shot of my favourite holiday beauties.

What are yours? Have a fantastic Christmas holiday everyone and i will see you all in the New Year. 😉