Guerlain Holiday 2018. Meteorites………..Electric Pearl

Hi Everyone,

The holiday makeup is here. Yes! The holiday releases are the best time for buying new beauty products.

There’s plenty of glitter and glam going on and I love it. The limited edition collections are just fantastic and are that extra bit special to. They make great gifts.

Guerlain holiday Météorites are no exception. They are a great finely milled powder and are very unique and special in their own right. I do own quite a few.

Over the years, i have bought or have been gifted some amazing colours. Warm purples and browns, correcting green and pink pearls and the Christmas bauble released three years ago was absolutely stunning. I didn’t think i could see anything new in these little beauties. Wrong!

Electric Pearl.

This year; Guerlain have released the light revealing pearls in their usual shaped tin. This is gold in colour with a plain lid. (I guess they are cutting back a little because usually the lids are quite ornate). The powder puff is also gone. I do love what is in the tin itself though.

The pearls come in 4 shades and varying sizes. White, pale beige, light gold and dark bronze. All have silver and gold micro shimmers except the beige, which has a satin finish. They are beautiful and can be used individually as a highlighter or; all over the face.

They do give the face a slight flush of colour and are very light reflecting. I use them where i want an extra bit of light down the centre of my face. They can be used as a subtle highlighter as well. The finish is great for a dull complexion or over a matte foundation.

They have that gorgeous violet scent, which is the signature scent of all météorites. The scent does disappear on the skin.


I did compare them to the Météorites I bought in the Guerlain holiday 2015 collection because, they look very similar without the bronze ball.

The white star does not contain silver shimmer like the white ball in this years collection. The gold pearl is a touch brighter and more yellow than the previous version. The beige satin pearl is exactly the same in both météorites.

The previous bauble; (above left and below) offers more of a pale strobe highlighting finish to the cheekbones and other high points on the face whereas; the electric pearls offers a touch of warmth with shimmer. There is enough of a difference to warrant both purchases and; TBH, i am never disappointed with these little beauties.Final Verdict.

I wish the gold tin was a bit special because it is a holiday/collectors piece however, the pearls are beautiful as per usual. 

I love the inclusion of a bronzing pearl for the very first time. This makes sense because even though Guerlain are famous for their amazing perfumes, they are also famous for their amazing bronzing powders to. They do give colour to my fair skin tone.

Once again, a beautiful addition to the holiday season and collection from Guerlain; (right). The lipsticks are beautiful and there is also a large eyeshadow and face powder palette. I did not buy this because i am unable to wear eyeshadows for work and i already own many.

What are your holiday favourites for 2018? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉