MAC Brow Finisher…………………Taming The Wild

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all well. For a long time i have plucked my own eyebrows. Most of the time i get it right, but i did over pluck them and they started to lose their shaping. I wasn’t too impressed with myself at all. I decided it was time to get them re-shaped.

My first visit to Blink Brow Bar to have them threaded was interesting. The lady had to start a slow process of allowing regrowth while shaping at the same time. 4 months on and they are looking really great now and i am not going anywhere near a set of tweezers again. Lesson learned.

MAC Brow Finish

I also realize the importance of having coiffed brows and pay so much more attention to them now than i ever did before. Not that i ever had bad brows anyway, until i started over plucking.

MAC Brow Finish Clear

MAC Brow Finisher helps to keep any stray hairs in place, so they look very tidy. The stick looks like a slightly thicker eye liner but it is a white opaque firm wax and goes onto the eyebrows clear and sets them in place; costs £12.50 for 5gm, which is affordable.

MAC Clear Brow Finish close up

Without MAC Brow FinisherEyebrow with MAC Brow FinisherLeft is without MAC Brow Finisher and right is with it, plus a small amount of brown pencil.

My Thoughts

I do really like this. Its super easy to use because you just use it like a brow pencil where ever its needed and then comb brows through with a clear wand, (also available to buy from MAC).  It doesn’t set up hard and it also doesn’t make your eyebrows feel greasy either or smudge your brow pencil. Lasts a good 2-3 hours before drying off and then you may need to re-apply; my brows are slightly unruly so, one application is good for me and i use pencil too. If your using it every day, then you will need to buy another one within two months approximately, but it isn’t that expensive anyway.

I will be repurchasing this one. A great idea from MAC with a reasonable price tag. Have a great week everyone and i will see you all soon. 😉