Dior, Chanel, YSL Foundation Update…………What I Loved and Loathed!

Hi Everyone,

I want to give an update on makeup i have used for a while now and how i’m getting on with it. If it was actually worth the money; etc.

I have bought plenty of products and raved about them at the time or said they’re nothing special too. I have changed my mind after wearing some products continuously in all types of weather conditions and also how they sit on my skin and in the lines on my face.

Chanel Dior and YSL Foundations

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, B30. Original Review Here.

I bought this last year and raved about it at the time. It is quite lightweight and dries down quite matte.

I now find that it’s my least favourite foundation and i reach for it less and less each day.YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Problem is, after wearing it for a few hours, 3-4. It just highlights the lines on my face and it gives my skin a one dimensional finish that makes it look dull and lifeless. I think i also bought a shade a touch too dark for my skin as well. Shame really but i shall not be repurchasing and i don’t think i will finish this one unless i run out of other foundations to use.

Dior Star Studio Makeup Foundation. 020 Original Review here.

Dior Studio Makeup Star Foundation

Raved about by many bloggers when it was released last year. I didn’t think it was so amazing. Average in fact!

The problem at the time was, when i tried out the samples, it was a really hot summer and it melted off my face a bit.

Recently, i found a sample of it in the back of my makeup drawer and i decided to give it another go. The weather has cooled off because we are heading into Autumn now.

I love it! It didn’t highlight any lines on my face at all. Stayed put the whole day in work with only one powder touch up at lunchtime. It also gave my face a healthy glow. I was going to buy the Dior Forever foundation, (a staple of mine that gives fuller coverage ) and have bought this instead.Diorskin Star Foundation shade card

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet, 20. Original Review Here.

My thoughts haven’t changed a great deal about this foundation but it’s still worth mentioning because i use it in one of two ways and it is a ‘Holy Grail’ foundation.

It just works so beautifully with my skin tone and my normal/combination skin. I love the shade and how it seamlessly blends in with my skin. Such a natural look every time and weightless.

It does dry down to a matte finish but unlike YSL Fusion Ink; which looks quite flat on my skin, this one still gives a luminous finish.

Now i said i use this in two ways. First is just as it is and the second way is, if i want extra luminosity; i add a drop of Chanel’s Tan de Chanel sheer illuminating fluid. This just gives that extra illumination and it’s lovely when i finish with a bronzer.

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Cream Compact Makeup 20 Beige. Original Review Here.

I love the fluid version but haven’t bought it since i started using the Perfection Velvet foundation; however, i do use this one when i need a bit of extra coverage.Vitalumiere Aqua Compact

I have periodic break outs and the more light weight foundations do not cover my redness or blemishes so well. Rather than cover my skin with a ton of heavy concealer, i use this foundation instead.

It’s still great because i love the shade, it isn’t drying at all and doesn’t settle into lines. It also doesn’t feel heavy on the skin like other heavier coverage foundations. The great thing about this foundation is that you can buy refills, which are a lot cheaper than having to buy the whole compact again.

Overall Verdict.

I don’t buy too many different foundations by other brands because Dior and Chanel always work well for me and i always end up being disappointed with others. It is an expensive mistake to make if they don’t work out.

Even though i don’t use Clinique foundations at the moment, i think the redness solutions foundation deserves a big shout out because it gives great weightless medium coverage with a natural finish and at a fraction of the cost of both Dior and Chanel ones. I also love some by Guerlain too.

What foundations work well for you and why? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉